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A Salute to Penn State and their Fans

If you are a Penn State fan, this week has been about as rough as it possibly can get. Your school and people you thought you idolized have been front page news all week --- and all for the wrong reasons.  This week was supposed to be the first game in a new rivalry, and while the game is still going to be played, it's really become an afterthought this week.

When the week started, the thought here at CornNation was to have a Penn State Hate Week...but current events made that inappropriate.  There's always next year to discuss Mike McCloskey (out of bounds) or 1994 (Nebraska would have won).  This year, it's time to offer up a handshake, a pat on the back, or an internet hug.  (Sorry if it sounds condescending.)

The events of this week focused a lot of negative attention on students, athletes, and fans that did nothing to deserve it. One of our traditions at Nebraska home games is that the Nebraska Marching Band always plays the visitor's fight song as part of the pregame show. Well, we don't have the band here, and the game is not in Lincoln, but we have a little real estate here at CornNation to offer this:

The background on this video:  Last December, we happened to be in Kansas City and found ourselves at Penn State's hotel for the NCAA women's volleyball national championship. Met a lot of nice Penn State fans that weekend; we just wish the Huskers could have been there as well.  Prior to the game, we were in our room as my daughter took a nap.  Well, the nap ended prematurely when the Penn State pep band began a pregame pep rally in the lobby.  I grabbed the camcorder and started recording.  Wasn't sure if I'd ever have a use for it, but it just seems appropriate today.

Consider this a virtual "buying a beer" to Penn State and their fans after a week no fan base should ever have to endure.