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Corn Flakes - Does the Nebraska - Penn State Game Go On?

Things look like they've calmed down at Penn State, they didn't burn the place to the ground, so it's fair to say we'll still be having a football game. 

BTN will be playing the Penn State Board of Trustees Press Conference, repeating it until Nittany Lion interim coach Tom Bradley is announced at a press conference at 11:00 AM

The absolute worst news of the morning is that there's a RUMOR that Jerry Sandusky used the Second Mile Foundation to pimp out kids to rich donors. This is a RUMOR, and honestly, is really hard to believe because it wants us to believe that the cover up extended to many more sick people than just Sandusky, and it's really hard for sick people to keep their sicknesses hidden. Or maybe I'm just praying that this stays a rumor because we really don't need things to get any worse than they really are.  

Back to that football game thing. Do you guys think it should go on? Should Nebraska go to Penn State and play football on Saturday? I'd like to hear what you're thinking. 

Joe Paterno Fired: By Shielding And Fearing Football, We Weaken It -

As one of the probably hundreds of thousands of people in this country who can claim to have their bills paid by the game of football, this angers me. As did Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee's "I hope [Jim Tressel] doesn't fire me" joke from this spring. As do the hundreds of other examples of university officials who fail to do what is right for the university they represent, simply because they are afraid of public outrage, afraid of losing their jobs because of the game of football. Football is only as strong as the rules -- both rules of the game and of human decency -- that oversee it, and when the checks and balances break down, reputations get sullied, and the game we think we are protecting takes a significant hit.

Interesting take on the situation from SB Nation's Bill C - JJ


The Joe won’t go on. Should the show?
Tom Shatel chimes in, wondering if the game should go on.


Penn State Students Clash With Police After Paterno Announcement

Just before midnight the police lost control of the crowd. Chanting, "Tip the van," they toppled the news vehicle and then brought down a nearby lamp post. When the police opened up with pepper spray, some in the crowd responded by hurling rocks, cans of soda and flares. They also tore down street signs, tipped over trash cans and newspaper vending boxes and shattered car windows.

I actually think last night went quite well. There are few reports of arrests, not all that much property damage considering the number of people involved, and very few reports of injuries. Amirite? - JJ

TV van tipped as rally for Paterno gets violent - College Football -


Police in riot gear dispersed about 2,000 Penn State students who took to the streets after the ouster of football coach Joe Paterno. Crowds toppled a television news van and at least one photographer was pelted with a rock.

They forgot the "and garbage". "Pelted with a rock and garbage" - that's how that usually goes. - JJ

The Penn State Riot is an Embarrassment to College Students Everywhere

The fact that thousands of Penn State students have found it not only acceptable, but necessary, to march on their campus in order to shout for the retainment of Joe Paterno as head football coach and flip over media vans, all while letting everyone possible know that "[they] are Penn State," is truly embarrassing.  

Then again, maybe I'm wrong. - JJ

Bill Plaschke: This should be the end of Paterno State

Paterno was allowed to play God, and so his longtime assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was allowed to do whatever he wanted, wherever he wanted, even if it included alleged sexual abuse of eight boys over a 15-year period.

Just the Stats: Nebraska at Penn State - Black Shoe Diaries

Statistical breakdown of Penn State and Nebraska, previewing the teams' Big Ten game Saturday in Beaver Stadium.

OMG - Something about football!!!!!