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2011 College Football Predictions & Thread - Week 6

Mike: Another week of uncompelling games out there. I mean, Minnesota at Purdue is a national game? So now I see why ABC quickly locked onto Nebraska/Ohio State.  It's the second biggest matchup of the weekend...even when both teams are struggling.

Jon: Oh, come on, Mike! Iowa at Penn State is all about compelling! Imagine the tension as the end of the third quarter starts and you realize that the first one to ten wins!

Mike:  Points?  First Downs?  Punts?

Jon: We're In the BIG TEN now, Mike! Learn to love a 5-2 ball game! Wohooo!!! 

Iowa (+4) at Penn State

Jon: Iowa has won three straight in this series and eight of the last nine. Here's the thing - Iowa kind of has an offense, but Penn State's defense is ranked no worse than 24th in any major category. Like I said, first one to ten wins! Iowa 13, Penn State 10

Mike: That's good enough for me. Imagine the excitement for Ohio State/Penn State on November 19th.  Two decent defenses, two non existent offenses.  But first, Wegians 16, Nitts 9

Aaron: I don't get all of the low Iowa scores for this game. The only real team Penn State has played was Alabama and they hung 27 on the Lions. Iowa 28, Penn State 13

Michigan (-7) at Northwestern

Jon: Michigan is blazing hot right now, as is any team that just played Minnesota, and this one is pretty simple. Denard Robinson. But, oh, maybe something you overlooked is that the Wolverines are tied for second in the nation (with Wisconsin and Michigan State) in scoring defense, just what you needed to hear. Michigan 38, Northwestern 17

Mike: I've had Michigan on my radar all season long. Nebraska has to get things in order pretty quickly by mid-November.  Weasels 42, Wildcats 14

Aaron: The Minnesota game was a cake-walk for Michigan. Now they get a little bit better opponent in Northwestern. A nice way to ease into this new defensive scheme of theirs. Michigan gets one last tune up before the big game against Michigan State. Wolverines 42, Northwestern 17.

Minnesota (+10.5) at Purdue

Jon: Until Minnesota can manage to do something right it's hard to see them winning another game this season. Put it this way - from Minnesota's game notes: A Gopher Loss would ...
be the second straight loss to the Wolverines.

Kinda clear that Minnesota's athletic department isn't even paying attention to the football team, OR, they still haven't gotten last week out of their heads. The defense is 101st nationally, still trying to work Kevin Cosgrove out of their system. Purdue 35, Minnesota 13

Mike: I almost didn't put this on the list. MarQueis Gray is hampered by injuries, the defense can't get the Coz out.  No wonder Jerry Kill is still having seizures.  Boilers 31, Goofers 9

Aaron: Is it even possible for Purdue to blow this one? I don't think so. Purdue 28, Minnesota 3

Missouri (-3.5) at Kansas State

Jon: Kansas State, 4-0, ranked, against Missouri, whose sole focus appears to be joining the SEC (or not). Do distractions like that hurt the football team? I'm not sure it matters. Bill Snyder is working another miraculous comeback, although the Tigers two losses were to Arizona State in OT (ice that kicker, Gary Pinkel!) and Oklahoma. Ah, screw it, I'm picking the Tigers. Mizzou 35, Kansas State 28

Mike: Will the Wildcat fans chant "S!E!C!" ... or "Take Us With You! (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)" Missouri should be favored in this one, except for the Pinkel factor. But even so, I'm going with Mizery 28, Kansas Light 23

Aaron: I look at this match up and I don't really care anymore. I guess I'm starting to get the Big XII out of my mind. Kansas State 10, Missouri 9

Oklahoma (+10) vs. Texas at the Cotton Bowl

Jon: Texas quarterback Garrett Gilbert is transferring, meaning that Texas' own once-starting quarterback no longer wants to be in the Big 12. Texas is better than they were last year, but this is Oklahoma. Sooners 35, Family-wrecking Longhorns 21

Mike: I was about to predict a trip behind the woodshed for the Horns, but lately, Texas has held their own against the Sooners.  But still:  SoonDoggies 42, Cows 14

Aaron: I still don't know what to make of Texas. They have talent and we could see a pretty close contest this weekend. What the hell. I'll go for the upset here and pick Texas. Longhorns 21, Oklahoma 17.

Miami-Florida (+7) at Virginia Tech

Jon: The Hokies only managed three points last week against Clemson, and there is no way that they lose two in a row at home. Virgina Tech 24, Miami 13

Mike:  Especially when you remember that Miami lost to Maryland and Kansas State.  Virginia Tech 31, Miami 17.

Aaron: Virginia Tech is hurt by their week non-conference schedule, so we still don't know what to make of them. Miami? They were being shutout by Bethune-Cookman until mid-way through the 2nd quarter. Yea, they did eventually roll these Wildcats, but I have no faith in the Hurricanes this year. VT 9, Miami 3.

Florida (+13.5) at LSU

Jon: I didn't get to see Alabama beat the tar out of Florida last week, but it's clear anyway that it's going to take a while before Florida becomes a good team again. LSU 28, Florida 13

Mike: Florida was exposed badly last week. Now for the encore! Let the "Fire Muschamp" chant begin.  Maybe he'll still replace Mack Brown after all.  LSU 28, Florida 12

Aaron: LSU should be able to take care of business and pin a second conference loss on Florida. LSU 38, Florida 14

Ohio State (+11) at Nebraska

Jon: I gotta say - when we did our Q&A earlier this week, all three Ohio State guys picked us to win. That's never happened before, normally we get a least one homer pick along the way. Maybe that could be taken as a bad omen, but I think it's really an indication of how bad the Buckeye program has beat itself up. Kind of sad, really. Nebraska 28, Ohio State 10

Mike: The scary stat on this one is that Nebraska never won a Big XII home opener under Bo Pelini. But this isn't the Big XII anymore, and I think Nebraska circles the wagons here. Beck learned a lesson last week, and Bo has to have the attention of the defense. So bring on the Kool-aid and rose-colored sunglasses, baby!  Huskers 31, Buckeyes 6

Aaron: Unless Ohio States defense scores a couple touchdowns, I don't see this Buckeye team winning in Lincoln this weekend. We catch OSU at a good time. Nebraska 24, OSU 13.