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Kenny Bell Gonna Slap Your Face! (It's About Technique)

Yesterday on twitter, wide receiver Kenny Bell made it clear that he'd had enough of fans saying (apparently bad) things to him about Taylor Martinez:


KENNY! KENNY! What are you thinking, man?

That's no way to behave, man! You can't go through life slappin' people's faces when they make you angry.

But if you do, we'd like to at least give you some good examples of technique:

To be used if you're confronted by the kind of whiny, "all about me" guy probably named Joffrey, particularly effective if you're really serious about the 'no warning" thing:

Then there's the always classic and harsh "What Did The Five Fingers Say to the Face?", although it comes with somewhat of a warning, it could be taken as a really bad joke.


Then there's my personal favorite. Screaming at someone in a completely unintelligible language while repeatedly slapping them. Notice the graceful forehand and backhand technique. It not only leaves them stunned and confused by the slapping, but by the fact they can't understand a word you're saying. Extra points if you're dressed as an Indian woman.



For extra credit, see Donnie Yen and how to deal with someone when they've thrown a liquid in your face. (Sorry, embedded disabled unfortunately.)

If you're a Husker fan and you're looking for some extra credit, please just realize that we're not Penn State.