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Cob Of The Week: Is There Any Choice But Iowa? (HINT: ONE)

(Ricky) It starts and ends with the Iowa Chokeyes. I didn't keep tabs on the game after the Husker game because it would've been like following a scrimmage. For $3.5 million per, I would expect Ferentz to figure out that the onside kick was coming. Absolutely horrible loss to one of the worst teams in decades. Lee Barfknecht nails this one in today's OWH. And it pains me to say it.

(Aaron) Maryland and their fans. Some people think that Maryland might be a possibility if the Big Ten expanded again. The Terps not only lost to Boston College, but they had their worst crowd in eleven years against a team they should have beaten. Less than 10,000? Not much of a way to advertise yourself to another conference.

(Jon): Oh, seriously, isn't this just Iowa? Is there really another choice?

We can nominate some others just to make fun of them, as in these:

Lane Kiffin whines on about not getting his last-second timeout would be a good example. Another good example - Sports By Brooks has become a web site that just goes around looking for all of the shittiest things in the world and then making mountains out of them, the latest example being that last second timeout.

Put it this way - is there anyone who believes that if the officials put another second up on the clock, Sports by Brooks would have a segment like it showing how wrong they were? They made the right call - the game was settled on the field.

Which brings me back to Iowa (somehow, just go with it, mmmmkay?). You're playing a hated rival, a hated rival that hasn't been able to get out of its own way, and you've now lost to them two years a row.

Or maybe we shouldn't punish a whole state. Maybe it should be just Ferentz. Perhaps it's time for Iowa to find a new coach, because Coach Kirk is getting stale.

Maybe I should nominate Clemson. Undefeated, on their way to an excellent season, and then Georgia Tech happened, but isn't that just Clemson setting up high expectations only to fall again?

After seeing comments around the Internets this week, I thought about nominating those two jackasses on ESPN, you know, the one whose mouth is always full of shit and the other who best represents the duality of man (his head and his ass fighting for control of his mouth), but I really don't want to give them any credence. I never watch them, and I recommend you don't either. I just pause the DVR or switch to another channel. Maybe I get up to relieve myself (which seems more appropriate, eh? Woohooo!)

Oh, hey, have I mentioned Iowa? They had an 11-point lead entering the fourth quarter against a team that had only five first downs and 59 yards to that point. Then they lost. Wow. That really sucks.