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College Football Rankings: Blogpoll Top 25 Draft - Week 10

Not much movement in my Top Five, other than Oregon jumping over Boise State. The big showdown this weekend is LSU - Alabama, probably one of the biggest 1-2 match ups in recent memory. Can you believe that this is the first 1-2 match up in SEC history? 

The next five have been moved around quite a bit due to losses to Clemson, Kansas State, and Michigan State. Nebraska moves into the top ten in the rankings and moved to 10th in the BCS. Virginia Tech beats Duke, but only by a small margin, do they deserve to be there? 

Too bad Stanford didn't lose if for no other reason than to rid ourselves of another undefeated team. I suppose I should mention (again) that I do not rank teams on probation, i.e., USC. 

I realize that Penn State is on shaky ground, but they keep winning, their only loss being to Alabama. Would you rank them above Nebraska, or do they deserve to be at 11? 

Question for y'all - how good do you think Oklahoma State is? They gave up 622 yards to Baylor, 446 of it through the air. They have the 110th ranked defense in the nation. Sooner or later....  unless they can flat out outscore people, they're going to get caught because of it, right? 

Feedback required!