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Cob Of the Week: Nebraska, Nebraska, Tim Beck, Texas A&M?

Well, that was depressing. I keep trying to think of the last time I went to a Nebraska game and saw the Huskers get their butts kicked like that, and I'm coming up with zero. And look what I just did - made it even more depressing. I'm guessing it's going to take one more day.

Nominations this week are after the jump. I did not make any nominations - I thought long and hard about it. I was going to nominate the drunk Wisconsin fan in Row 68, Section F who made a point of bending over to scream in our ears whenever the Badgers did anything good, but honestly, 99% of the opposing fans were great, so why let one complete jackass ruin it for everyone else?

And there are plenty of other nominees to go around.....

Husker Mike: I haven't decided who from Nebraska to nominate. Kind of tough to single any person out, other than perhaps Corey Raymond. I'm throwing the secondary under the bus, so maybe the entire unit.

I do think we have to nominate Texas A&M for another second half collapse. Unreal that after gaining 400 yards and scoring 35 points in the first half, the Aggies found a way to lose the game again.

Andy K: Tim Beck - it was like he was channeling Watson in the 2nd quarter. "Hey, the run's working, we're getting good push, but we're trailing by a little. Hmmmm. I know!! Let's pretend we're behind by 24 in the 4th quarter & have our historically shaky passer & decision-making QB put it in the air 14 out of 15 plays!!!"

Jlew: Can we go with Musburger and his love affair with Russel Wilson? Now we should come to expect this from Brent, watch some old Texas games where he was all over Colt McCoy, but it's just horrible to listen to throughout the game.

Ricky Smith: If we're going to mention Beck (and we should x 1000), you have to throw in (pun!) Martinez. Kid makes piss-poor decisions at crucial points in the game. Sorry, Becks...I don't want #3 making any crucial adjustments in the game anymore. Ever. Game Manager my ass.

How about that #10 kid? I heard he was a quarterback once. Maybe give him a couple of snaps.

Andy K: Yep, sorta my point. I can't put it all on Martinez since he has yet to display good decisions in a big game yet, except in spurts. The OC should know this & not try to pound the square peg in the round hole - REPEATEDLY - in a crucial situation. Especially when we're beating the s**t out of teams on the line for the 1st time in about 10 years!!! Rookie oC, too, I guess, but Jesus.

Does anyone else miss Marvin Sanders? I’m ready to overlook his personal problems if he’ll come back.

Jon J: Cousin Todd and I kind of looked at each other during the second quarter, wondering why we were throwing the ball. At one point, he said "Why did we throw the ball three times in a row there?" to which I responded "Because this is the passing series...." My problem with Beck is that he seems like he gets stuck in a rut. It's not that he calls the same play repeatedly because it's working, it's like he gets stuck on a single page of his playbook for a while.