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Friday Night Open Thread!

Welcome to the Friday night Corn Nation open thread!!!!!

Tonight it's BYU vs TCU in Arlington, Texas at Jerryworld where the Horned Toads are 14-point favorites. Still, it is Friday night, and anything can happen! 

And of course, for you MLB lovers, there's Game 7 of the World Series, or so I'm told.

Keep in mind that this is an OPEN thread. That means you don't have to stick with sports topics only, although community guidelines still apply where you're mostly supposed to be nice to each other, not engage in personal attacks and that kind of thing. 

I will need be around tonight. I will be out with Mrs. CN celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary so I will be nowhere near a television, and even if I am at some point, you can bet I won't be near my laptop. 

So have fun! Tomorrow morning will come bright and early! Best be ready to crush the life from some Spartans!