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Huskers Odds of Winning Out - Can Nebraska Win Their Division?

Steve R chimes in with this week's odds from the Massey ratings, giving us a projected season record for our beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Here are updated odds from Massey on Nebraska winning the rest of their games this season.

NU: MSU 0.55, Northwestern 0.97, PSU 0.56, UM 0.40, Iowa 0.89

Before we go any further, it's interesting to note that Nebraska has a 55% chance of beating Michigan State. I've been thinking about this game most of the week, and I'm guessing I'm like most of you - the range of how you feel about this game is as consistent as Nebraska's offense and defense have been this season.


0-5:  0.04%

1-4:  1.71%

2-3: 15.39%

3-2: 37.57%

4-1: 34.66%

5-0: 10.64%

Expected conference record: 5.37-2.63

Michigan St

0-5:  0.00%

1-4:  0.01%

2-3:  1.06%

3-2: 15.22%

4-1: 51.32%

5-0: 32.38%

Expected conference record: 7.15-0.85


0-5:  0.07%

1-4:  1.51%

2-3: 10.00%

3-2: 29.16%

4-1: 39.29%

5-0: 19.97%

Expected conference record: 5.66-2.34

If Nebraska beats Michigan State, the expected records are 5.82-2.18 and 6.70-1.30, respectively.

According to Massey, even if the Huskers win Saturday, the Spartans will still be the favorite from the division because their odds of losing any other games is small.

So, Nebraska likely has to win out to grab a spot in the Championship game. The road to the conference championship is looking tougher with how well Michigan and Penn State have played.