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College Football Rankings: Blogpoll Top 25 Draft - Week 9

What a weekend! 

Michigan State knocking off Wisconsin... not all that shocking is it? It's a big win for Sparty, certainly, and it doesn't bode well for Nebraska's goal of winning their division and getting to the Big Ten title game. 

Oklahoma, on the other hand, loses at home for the first time in 40 games, to a team that was a... 21 point underdog? Is that amazing, or is that college football? Just when we start bitching and moaning about their being too many undefeated teams - poof! Two of them go away in a single weekend. 

Tell me this, though. Which do you think has more legitimacy, the BlogPoll, in which you get to have some say? Or the coaches poll, which only dropped Oklahoma to 9th. Uh... you lose at home at a three touchdown underdog, and you manage to stay in the Top Ten?


And don't insult monkeys by saying "monkeys". 

You know the drill. Help me! Help me! Because, seriously - that 15-25 range is just a bloody mess.