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Corn Flakes: The Day After Minnesota AND Illinois

Today we celebrate the football and volleyball team's wins yesterday.

We should also acknowledge Wisconsin losing, and as Big Ten fans we should mock them and say mean things to their fans. And a special how do you do to Oklahoma. Now both of you are done in the National Championship race. Sure Michigan State looks to cruise to the Big Ten title game, but I don't think NU was good enough to win the championship anyway.

For the football game I was only concerned that NU couldn't punch it for a touchdown few times. But wow does Minnesota look bad.

And how about the volleyball team? Strong consideration to be the #1 in the nation.

So all in all a good weekend.

Looking to next weekend-

"The Big Ten Conference announced late Saturday night that Nebraska’s matchup next Saturday with Michigan State will kick off at 11 a.m. and will be televised on ESPN. Michigan State comes into the game as the Legends Division leader with a 3-0 record and 6-1 overall record following Saturday’s win over Wisconsin. Nebraska is 2-1 in Big Ten play and 6-1 overall."

Life in the Red's Blog | Huskers-Spartans - 11 a.m. on ESPN


Huskers show fight to Illini -

"When Lauren was serving during that stretch, the crowd was ridiculous. Deafening.'' coach Cook said. "I think that definitely took some energy out of Illinois.''

No. 4 Huskers overwhelm top-ranked Illinois

The new AVCA poll will come out Monday, and Nebraska (20-1) could make a case for the top spot with a 7-1 record against ranked teams. Last week, California (21-2) was second and Southern California (17-3) third.


Just like old times: Huskers trounce Gophers |

Oh, goody; these teams get to play every year from now on. It's a nice road trip for Cornhuskers fans, who filled at least a third of the seats at TCF Bank Stadium. For the Gophers, it has to be as appetizing as an annual dental exam.

Video: Nebraska’s ‘backward pass that ended up going forward’ - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Everyone is talking about that crazy play. It was on the front page of yahoo this morning, though now it's gone again. I can never figure out how yahoo runs it's front page things are there and then they are not, and sometimes the article doesn't come up when you click on it.

Brian Rosenthal: Husker pep band gets short shrift in seating

"We still have to pay for all the tickets, so that's where they bought tickets for us," band member Viktor Sundleaf said. "It was like $70 a ticket. It's expensive to send this many people, with all the considerations, so that's how we ended up there. Cost effectiveness."

This makes me mad. So much money in college football, and the band gets hosed? I still think college football should be about the students that go to the school, but what do I know? But hey at least those poor souls at the NCAA and the BCS games won't go hungry.

More football links after the jump.

Husker Mike's Blasphemy: First Half Bounces Go Huskers Way in Blowout of the Goofers

On defense, the biggest concern was either Alfonzo Dennard or Daimion Stafford blew the coverage on DaJon McKnight. Couldn't tell from the video review. Doesn't matter; it just better not happen next week against B.J. Cunningham.

Chatelain: Was this the start of something big? -

The Huskers need not get cocky right now. But gaining a little confidence doesn't hurt. They badly needed confirmation for their hard work and adjustments the past two weeks.

Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Minnesota Golden Gophers - Recap - October 22, 2011 - ESPN

"We had a lot of yards," Pelini said with a shrug. "I thought there was a lot of things we needed to get cleaned up. I would give us probably somewhere around a 'B' in how we played in the run game."

Huskers pull out reverse to highlight Kenny Bell's speed

The redshirt freshman, on his first career rushing attempt, ran 82 yards for a second-quarter touchdown Saturday in Nebraska's 41-14 victory against Minnesota.

Steven M. Sipple: NU defense on the rebound? We'll see

Nebraska broke down only a few times against Minnesota (1-6, 0-3). Gray found an open gap on a second-quarter draw play and sprinted 30 yards. In the third quarter, he gunned a 53-yard strike on a nifty double-reverse flea flicker. Not much else to nitpick.

Report card: Nebraska vs. Minnesota

OVERALL (B) Good to see Nebraska come out from the get-go and not leave any doubt against a lesser opponent. And make no mistake, Minnesota is a lesser opponent. Coaches would've like to see the Huskers finish better, but the overall outcome -- after a bye week, on the road, against a 1-5 team -- is surely satisfying.