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Occupy TCF Bank Stadium - Underway!

Greetings Comrades!

We're less than 24 hours away from the beginning of the great crusade to Occupy TCF Bank Stadium, home of the imperialist rodents of Minnesota!

We are the 99% that is against the maroon and gold masses. We still join together in a demonstration that shows our collective strength against financial tyranny our willingness to support our football team no matter how outmatched our opponent!

Join me, RED HORDES, while on Saturday morning we march to several bars and restaurants around the stadium to get many beers! (And maybe some bratwurst, a slice of pizza, or some cookies!)

We will march in solidarity to the gates of the giant golden palace of bank sponsorship! We will be in action against the tyranny of the %1 high-ticket prices charged by our opponents even though we keep buying them anyway!

We shall have many discussions, organized around world-changing topics such as:

- When will the Blackshirts get their Black shirts?

- When they going to play Brion Carnes?

- How much did you pay for your ticket?

- Is Bo Pelini taking anti-depressants this season?

We shall fill the stadium with the blood of our rabies and plague-filled rodent enemies tens of thousands of dollars of clothing and paraphernalia purchased solely for showing off how much we love our team! *

All of this shall result in the grand victory when on national TV the announcers proclaim: 

"Look at all that RED! These Nebraska fans sure travel well!"

and then declare the TCF Bank Stadium to be renamed "Nebraska Memorial Stadium North" for a day!

We shall down march forth and claim more beer and brats!!!


*Your surest way to get seen on national TV this weekend - an Occupy sign that compares Husker Football with a simile about the economy.