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Corn Flakes: The Day After Wisconsin

I'm putting this picture of Russell Wilson here to see if Musburger will pop by to post about how wonderful he is in the comments section. (Photo by John Gress/Getty Images)
I'm putting this picture of Russell Wilson here to see if Musburger will pop by to post about how wonderful he is in the comments section. (Photo by John Gress/Getty Images)
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Not much that I can say that won't be covered in the links. Lots of problems came up in this game, some old and some new. Badger fans if you pop over to read this, these are concerns for this team going forward, I think everyone knows the better team won, we just wanted to see a better game.

Youth is some of it, especially in the defensive backfield, but coaching problems are starting to show as well. Also how long can you let Martinez make mistakes and be the starter? Does Turner to QB start picking up some steam?

Badgers crush Huskers behind Wilson - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

The good news for Nebraska is the loss doesn't come in the Legends Division. Nebraska's home schedule still is favorable for the Huskers to get to Indianapolis, but they have to eliminate mistakes on offense and get their swagger back on defense. I wouldn't want to be in the defensive meeting room with the Pelini Bros. this week. Fortunately, Nebraska has a reeling Ohio State team coming to Lincoln (never thought I'd write that sentence).

Report card: Nebraska vs. Wisconsin

OVERALL (F) At one point in the fourth quarter, the scoreboard reset to 0-0. If only. Later, the students began chanting "Big Ten football!" Yes, Nebraska showed up to its first Big Ten game and looked like it didn't belong. Oh, sure, the Huskers moved the ball early, but then started making mistakes left and right, while Wilson-led Wisconsin was clean, crisp and efficient. You know, how Nebraska used to be, back in the day. Simply put, this was another dud on the big stage by a vastly overrated team.

Well those 2 pretty much sums it up. You can look at all the point by point anaylsis after the jump if you want to relive the horror.

Steven M. Sipple: Huskers far too sloppy in Big Ten christening

No way eighth-ranked Nebraska could win this game unless it played somewhere in the vicinity of perfect. The Huskers were nowhere near that vicinity, with nine penalties for 80 yards and three turnovers that the Badgers turned into touchdowns. The NU defense had far too many mental breakdowns and missed tackles.

Chatelain: Going to the air backfires on Beck -

The biggest difference between Wisconsin and Nebraska is very simple: The Badgers have a quarterback who does it all. The Huskers do not. Bo Pelini and Tim Beck want to build an offense around Martinez? Fine. But stick to what the kid does well. Know what he doesn't. If you lose play-calling discipline for a few minutes, Martinez burns you.

Notebook: NU's plan of attack fails to materialize

We went into the game saying we were going to be aggressive," Pelini said. "Obviously, we shouldn't turn the football over. But if they do get the football, you better be able to get off the field and we weren't able to do either."

Shatel: Flawed Huskers exposed; can holes be plugged? -

But Beck must do what he pledged in the offseason: play to his strengths and get the ball to his playmakers. That means Burkhead and Martinez carrying the ball. Hmm. Was Beck paying attention while Wisconsin was schooling Bo and Carl with bootlegs and screen passes to the fullback?

Badgers exploit young secondary -

Oklahoma found a way in the Big 12 title game — despite the Huskers' defensive scheme designed to prevent big plays — to isolate their receivers in one-on-one match-ups with NU's defensive backs, capitalizing on nearly every opportunity. They completed five passes for 20 yards or more, all over the field — Amukamara, Hagg and Dennard were all beat on a long play at least once. That kind of performance was rare against NU, which allowed just 18 passing plays of more than 20 yards in the 12 games before that. The Sooners found something they liked that night, though, finishing with 342 passing yards. In a similar fashion Saturday, Wisconsin created man-to-man situations that it was able to exploit. Wilson bought time in the pocket and delivered the football accurately. The receivers made enough moves to get free. And Nebraska's young defensive backs didn't respond well enough.

Cheese Greater: Wilson, Badgers confound Blackshirts -

I look at all the problems: penalties, turn overs, pass defense, poor tackling. I'd quote it, but that would be the entire article. Yeah we have a lot of issues. College Football - Wisconsin stakes claim to contender status

There were no SEC snobs on hand to see the Badgers rudely welcome Nebraska into the Big Ten with a 48-17 beatdown that, frankly, wasn't even that close. Too bad. CFN Analysis - Wisconsin 48, Nebraska 17

The Badgers are really, really good, but they still haven’t faced anyone who can throw the ball well enough to exploit the weak secondary. They still haven’t faced anyone physical enough to slug the defensive line in the mouth with a pounding ground game. They still haven’t played a team with any semblance of a pass rush. With two weeks off to rest up and let the praise come flowing in before the scrimmage against Indiana, it all comes down to a two-game season on the road at Michigan State and Ohio State before a nice and breezy final month – and that includes a trip to Illinois. Meanwhile, Nebraska still hasn’t beaten an elite team in years and is getting by on reputation and a great past. Wisconsin managed to show it.

So beating OU at home a few years ago doesn't count? Those Missouri wins mean nothing? Beating OSU on the road last year? Oh right we can only look at what happened roughly 60 secs ago.

Husker Mike's Blasphemy: Badgers Embarass The Huskers

Yes, Nebraska is 2-16 versus top ten teams this century...but most of those losses aren't the fault of Pelini. I'll blame Pelini and his staff for tonight, but not anything prior to his arrival.

It’s official: Ohio State’s offense is a disaster zone - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Well at least next week's game looks like a good rebound game.