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Corn Flakes Is Wondering - Are Gopher Fans Insane?

Nothing to do with anything here... but Minnesota did play USC at the start of the season.
Nothing to do with anything here... but Minnesota did play USC at the start of the season.

It is a quiet week. Let's face it, there isn't a whole lot of interest in Nebraska playing Minnesota - and I'm saying that full well knowing that the game is on ABC this weekend. So, I've search out a bunch of links that are all over the board, and the only commonality I can find is that Minnesota Gophers fans are collectively insane. 

You can read all about it after the jump. First - here's a really worthy cause. 

Husker Fans Salute the Troops 2011
The Fourth Annual "Husker Fans Salute the Troops Weekend 2011" is this weekend. The event is open to members of all branches of the US Military, active or retired. Please also consider supporting their cause. - JJ

Pelini says he's seen Gophers' potential on film

Pelini did interview for the job as did Marc Trestman. They both walked out of the interview with JOEL MATURI and thought he was a COMPLETE DORK.

You head to the Star Tribune to read about what Bo Pelini has to say about the Minnesota Gophers having potential and you run smack dab into a list of comments about Pelini interviewing for the Minnesota job. Uh.... yeah..... I think that'd be news to us Nebraskans. I'm not sure why you think that Pelini would leave Nebraska for Minnesota, but, hey, go ahead with that. - JJ

Still Got Hope?: Back from the Land of Sulk and Honey

We could have sold the tickets, bought a year's worth of bourbon, enough Robitussin to clean out an old-folks home and spent the game snorting blow out of the ass cracks of high-class hookers; but we didn't. No, instead we'll be in our seats at 2.30 this Saturday, no doubt surrounded by a sea of red, watching Taylor Martinez sodomize the Gophers in painstakingly slow motion.

You want to know what it's like to be a Gophers fan? This is a pretty good start. (HT: The Daily Gopher) - JJ

Could the Cornhuskers Help Further the Argument to Fire Jerry Kill? 

Huskerlocker interviews a dude that runs because - half a season is good enough to make a determination as to whether or not a new coach can take a program in the dumpster and get it out of said dumpster.

Another take on what it's like to be a Gophers fan, which, in short, is kind of like having a mental illness. I'm not sure what it would be called (other than "Gophers fan"), or what it would look like, but collectively it would be very sad, defensive and not like being cornered so keep yourselves well armed. 

Who's running, btw? - JJ 

BlogPoll Top 25, Week 8: LSU Still On Top; Oklahoma State Moves To No. 5
Nebraska moved to #12 overall in the Blogpoll Top 25, a good place for us to be right now. The Huskers are the second-highest ranked team out of the B1G, with Wisconsin coming in a fourth - JJ

Minnesota Football: Not winning in the trenches - The Daily Gopher

Of the myriad of problems with this Gopher football team, the line play on both sides of the ball may be the most glaring.

Huge issue for the Gophers - a complete lack of physical line play. - JJ

Matt Millen: MSU's Gholston shouldn't be suspended (with video)

That stuff happens on the field." Matt Millen said Tuesday. "That is youthful exuberance right there. "If you’re gonna suspend for that, then you better watch the whole tape and see all the other stuff that was going on as well. …

Seriously - is there any wonder why people think Matt Millen is a complete idiot? - JJ

This Week In Schadenfreude: Wolverine Lizard Apocalypse -

The alma mater takes it on the chin WHAT WAS THAT FOURTH AND ONE CALL FOR AAAARGH. Georgia Tech and Cal have a nerdfight, and Tommy Tuberville takes the lead in emoticons inspired.

If there's one piece I really enjoy every week, it's Brian Cook's "This Week in Schadenfreude". How this guy goes around finding all the worst reactions in college football is beyond me. Maybe he has minions that find them? - JJ

The Numerical, Week 7: Triple Threats And Kansas State's Statistical Allergy

This week's visit of the statistics that mattered last weekend in the world of college football. Time to take on Kansas State's aversion to good statistics, some strong three-way threats and ... um ... defend Ron Zook a little.

Another one you need to be aware of from the mothership - Bill C's "The Numerical".

Q&A: Ex-Nebraska RB Dan Alexander Says NFL Wasn't for Him
Good interview with Dan Alexander. Always like watching him run. That Husker team had a lot of fumbles, kind of comparable in that regard to what's going on now. - JJ

Attorney for Harvey Updyke says Toomer’s Oaks worth only $20
You have to wonder what will happen if Harvey Updyke gets off with a misdemeanor. Will he consider himself a hero (again) and parade around like the jackass he was before he realized how much trouble he was in? Or will he recognize that regardless of what happens at a trial, he'll be forever known as "Harvey the Treekiller"? - JJ 

It's true, I believe it. I've never trusted a person who doesn't swear at least once in a while because I think they're liars. Or they have way more self-restraint than I do, and I don't trust self-restrained people because I believe they're only one slight step away from an explosion. So get off a good "fuck you" once in a while. It's healthier than you think. 

 Is the NCAA Hiding Something? -

Few organizations like to conduct their business in public, which hardly makes the NCAA an exception. But policing the schools, or at the very least helping the schools to police themselves, is the reason the NCAA exists in the first place. And if it can't be counted on to provide cooperation in an instance like this, it has to make you wonder what else the organization might be hiding.

I think the writer of this article misses the point. Either that, or he wants to frame it in the "Big Bad NCAA" theme with a paranoia slant. The point with the NCAA not cooperating - all these bureaucracies have created too many laws and regulations, so many that you don't know when you're opening your organization to a lawsuit. Add to that there are too many lawyers, and you understand why no one wants to work with anyone else on anything. - JJ