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Plenty To Do For Nebraska Fans Heading to Minnesota

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There was a lot of talk about how many Husker fans were traveling to Madison, Wisconsin for the first Big Ten game. Funny how there hasn't been as much talk about Minneapolis, but I would still expect thousands of red-clad Nebraskans to be showing up this weekend.

I am betting that Minnesota becomes a consistent ‘migration' game for Nebraskans. For years they drove to Manhattan and Lawrence, and the Twin Cities offers a heckuva lot more to do than either of those burgs.

There is plenty going on for Husker fans coming up to the game. After the jump is a list of the pre-game activities for Friday and Saturday - there should be something for everyone. At this point, I'm not 100% sure of what I'll be doing - I've come down with a bronchial problem, so I may not even make it to the game, although I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who's coming up and where you plan on going for pre-game activities.

If you're coming to Minnesota, please let us know in the comments, and if you have questions or suggestions, don't be shy about signing up for an account and joining us!

Friday Night:

Sidetrack Band

The Sidetrack Band will be playing at the Original Gabes By The Park. Address is 991 North Lexington Parkway, St Paul, MN, 55103.

Cover is $10, Starts at 8:00 pm

I haven't been to Gabes in a very long time (it's on the "wrong" side of town). I remember it mostly as a "Packers Bar" and that it was quite a place to go.

Skydeck Sports Grille & Lanes - Mall of America Gathering

Skydeck is on the fourth floor at the MOA. I was in there a few weeks ago, had a couple beers and appetizers. Good place to get away from the shoppers at the MOA, or if you're tired and want to just get a beer. Pretty spacious.

The MN4NE (Minnesotans for Nebraska) pep band will be making an appearance, as will Mick Tinglehoff. Tinglehoff played for the Huskers, starting at center in 1961, his senior season. He then spent from 1962-1978 playing for the Minnesota Vikings and had one helluva career for them.

Time: 6 pm - Midnight


Sidetrack Band - Original Gabes By The Park

The Sidetrack Band will be playing before and after the game. Starts at 10:00 am. Cover - $10. Gabes will be providing shuttles to the game continuously starting an hour before the game.

At first, I thought the Sidetrack Band was a little crazy for doing this a ways away from campus, but now that the game is getting closer, it's not so crazy. Parking at the University can be.... an adventure, so this should be a strong consideration if you don't feel like putting up with campus traffic.

MN4NE Gathering - Saturday Before Game at Campus Pizza

The Minnesotans for Nebraska is having an on-campus meet up at Campus Pizza.

MN4NE Gathering - The Oval - Roseville

Joe Senser's has been having Husker fan meet ups at all their locations (Roseville, Plymouth, Bloomington, and Eagan) for over 20 years. This year they've put together an event at the Roseville Skating Center and Ice Oval, 2661 Civic Center Drive, Roseville, MN 55113. They'll be providing two packages, both include the shuttle to the game - $15 for a burger or brat, chips, cookie and a beverage, or $9 for a drink.

The MN4NE Pep Band will be on hand.

Time: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm.

Bars And Restaurants Around TCF Stadium

The SB Nation Minnesota site, The Daily Gopher, put together this guide for bars and restaurants around the University of Minnesota stadium.

Tailgating at TCF

If you're looking for tailgating information and parking information, this ought to help.

Oh, and you'll need to know the rules.