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Cob Of The Week: Ron Zook, Cheap Shot Artist William Gholston, Illinois Defense, Michigan's Al Borges

There are not a lot of cob nominees this week, meaning either no one watched a lot of college football or there simply weren't a lot of really bad things happening.

Nevertheless, the Cob must go on. This week's nominees are after the jump!

Husker Mike: I'll take Ron Zook of Illinois. No doubt in my mind. Trailing Ohio State by 10 points and facing a fourth and three at the Ohio State 17 yardline with under two minutes to go, it's an easy call: kick the field goal, and try to recover the onsides kick. You need two scores, so get one when you can. That's what most normal coaches would do. The Zooker is not a normal coach. Last week, he admitted he wasn't paying attention to the score last week when he went for two after scoring to go up 20-13. Now this... maybe he thought the Buckeyes were up by 16.

Jon J: My first cob nomination goes to Michigan State's William Gholston. It's one thing to play a rough sport roughly, but something completely different when you're out to cause injury. If that sounds harsh, look at the videos and tell me how you're going to come to another conclusion.

Another nomination goes to Illinois, specifically the defense. Ohio State attempted FOUR passes the entire game and Braxton Miller completed only one, but for that one went for a 17-yard touchdown. The Illini knew what the Buckeyes were going to do and still couldn't do anything about it. (Maybe this isn't Cob worthy, however, maybe this is just how Big Ten football goes and we need to get used to it.... still..... )

On the other side of the ball, was there a more derpy display of offensive playcalling than that done by offensive coordinator Al Borges of Michigan? You have one of the hottest weapons in the country, Denard Robinson, and instead of letting him make plays with his legs, you have him throw the ball 24 times when it's pretty clear he can't hit the broad side of a barn. Swapping Devin Gardner into the game was cute, but completely unproductive. The two quarterbacks went a combined 12-for-31 for 168 yards, one touchdown and one interception.

Michigan's offense deserved Benny Hill.