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Thursday Night - Open Thread!

It's Thursday? What happened to the week? Things are flying by! 

I'll tell you what happened at my house yesterday. The internet is broken. 

I know what you're thinking. "Oh, without the internet you had the chance to talk more, read a book, or something else that you'd think people would do if they didn't have he internet for a day. 

Uh, no. If you want to see an entire family walk around in circles not knowing what to do with themselves you should have come over. 

Tonight it's San Diego State vs. Air Force at 7:00 pm on CBS Sports Network and USC vs Cal - at 8:00 pm on ESPN. 

I am hoping the new cable modem does the job and gets us back online, otherwise it'll be another night of watching us walk around the house like a zombie family with no brains to eat. Kind of pathetic, actually. Maybe we should go eat the neighbors.... I should be careful. It just might come to that.