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Nebraska vs Ohio State - In Pictures

Once again, from professional photographer Dennis Hubbard, the Ohio State game in photos. Click to embiggen!

Rex Burkhead Ohio State 2011
Rex Burkhead has to be the mid-season offensive player of the year. 
Taylor Martinez Ohio State 2011
Taylor Martinez - he can't pass, right?
16 of 22 for 191 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT Against Ohio State
Spencer Long Ohio State 2011
Mike Caputo and Spencer Long 
Nebraska's offensive line was key to the comeback as holes opened 
in the running game in the second half. 
Ameer Abdullah Ohio State 2011
Ameer Abdullah - only six punt return yards on two punts, but 
111 yards on five kickoff returns. 
Rex Burkhead Ohio State 2011
Burkhead - 26 carries for 119 yards rushing, five receptions for 59 yards
The 26 carries were the most in a game this season for Burkhead. 
Lil Red Ohio State 2011
If there's one figure around Husker football that can provide more polarization
than Dirk Chatelain, it's Lil Red. 
Hated... Loved... there's no in-between. 
Lil Red Ohio State 2011
Look at that ball security by Martinez. 
Zero fumbles on the day against the Buckeyes. 
Perhaps all that "conditioning" has paid off.