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Cob of the Week: Dirk Chatelain, Husker Fans Who Left Early, Texas Tech Fans And Manure, Bad Announcing and Colorado

This was the best part... what? You missed it? WTF is wrong with you?
This was the best part... what? You missed it? WTF is wrong with you?

Can you imagine how bad we'd be feeling had Nebraska not come back against Ohio State? We'd have two weeks before playing Minnesota to rip ourselves apart, go around talking about who are "true Husker fans" are who are not, and all that rot.

You know how this works. The poll is after the jump - vote for this past week's worst performances.

This week's nominees:

Husker Mike: Family of 4 who sits in front of me that left after Carlos Hyde scored to put the Buckeyes up 27-6. Hope the traffic was good, and that you made it home in time to catch the end of the game. (JJ: I heard there were plenty of Husker fans who left early. YOU'RE NOT TRUE FANS!)

Dirk Chatelain: His hit piece on Taylor Martinez and Bo Pelini on Friday didn't go unnoticed inside the Osborne Complex. It was bad journalism with flawed analysis. And I think Chatelain is going to have a hard time covering the Huskers going forward.

Jon: Texas Tech fans, for smearing manure on and in the Texas A&M buses:

A&M athletic director Bill Byrne said Saturday manure went "from one end to the other" inside one bus that couldn't be locked. The others had manure along the exterior. He tweeted that the outsides of all the buses had vulgarities "spray painted" on them.

Add to that the booing during an Aggie player's injury. Nice job there in Lubbock. Like Bill Byrne says: "Classy".

Jlew: Matt Millen again! (JJ: I don't think I need to add any more explanation... but let me say this. I don't think I've ever heard more cynical announcing than I did from Sean McDonough Saturday night. Maybe it's being with Millen that's made him cynical, I don't know.)

Brian: In the schadenfreude/long-term hate department for Cobs, looks like Colorado is going 1-12 this year if they can manage to lose the Toilet Bowl at home against Arizona! (They have an extra game thanks to @Hawaii... didn't know that old scheduling rule still applied).