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2011 Cotton Bowl: Texas A&M vs LSU - What Else You Doing on Friday Night?

Some might say you should never bet against Les Miles. Some might say that the Aggies are the hottest team in the country. 

I say it's a a Friday night Bowl game and all my friends will be here!!!!!! Woohoooooo!!!!! It can't get better than that! 

Who to root for? 

You've got the team that beat Nebraska 9-6 versus the team that could steal our head coach once Les Miles bolts for Michigan. (Did anyone think to ask Pelini about LSU? Probably not, which means that's where he's going!) 

Texas A&M Preview

LSU Tigers Preview 

This is your game thread, because I know you, like me, have nothing better to do on a Friday night but watch to see if either of these teams can get to 20 points. 

REMEMBER! In some sort of bizarre twist, this one isn't on ESPN. It's on Fox, which means we can be treated with crowd shots stacked upon more crowd shots. Look, there's a LSU fan wearing beads! There's a guy with some pizza! There's some Texas A&M cadets in a line doing some cheer with hankies and swords... wtf?