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Brady Hoke To Michigan? - DoublePlus Good!

The latest rumors have San Diego State head coach Brady Hoke going to Michigan. I don't care about the rumors and I don't really know that much about Hoke. If you want the run down on that, Dave at the Michigan site Maize N Brew has all the poop on that (and so you know, Dave is really thrilled that they're looking at Hoke).

What I do care about is the reaction the hiring would bring. 

Nebraska will be playing Michigan in the Legends division (let's not kid ourselves they're going to rename anything. They'll just let everything die down and we'll be stuck with these horrid names) forever, the rest of your lives, or until the country collapses and replaced by a monarchy lead by His Majesty the King Les Miles. 

As part of CN's ongoing effort to educate the Nebraska fan base about the Big Ten, I'd like to introduce you to Michigan blogger cult leader Brian Cook, who runs the monstrous site mgoblog

Here's what Cook has to say about Hoke

 I promise you this: if Brady Hoke is actually hired small children should not read the site for a week following because every other word will be swearing. This is in no way a joke.

If you've been around CN long enough, you're familiar with my ability to crap myself in public during or after a Nebraska loss. If there's one thing I can love about Brian, it's his ability to make me look like an amateur public pants crapper. 

Brady Hoke to Michigan? You betcha!