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Nebraska Football - Offensive Staff Changes? (Or No?)

It's two days before National Signing Day. Shawn Watson is still Nebraska's offensive coordinator. Barney Cotton is still the offensive line coach. I imagine that many of you are of the mind that Bo Pelini will wait until after the recruits are all in to make any changes to his offensive staff.

I would call that wishful thinking. For one, it would be deceptive to incoming recruits (unless they were specifically told ahead of time there would be changes, and I doubt that). Bo Pelini may be a stubborn, in-your-face kind of guy, but I don't believe he's that deceptive. With him what you see is what you get.

Another perspective might be that it's not deceptive at all. It's the business of college football (so get over your duckies and bunnies world and come join us in the real one).

Which is correct? Which will happen? It's killing you, ain't it, even more so than recruiting, right?

Hey! We haven't done a poll in a while, so let's do a poll about it.