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2011 Orange Bowl: Stanford vs Virginia Tech - Open Thread

It's your "First Bowl Game Past New Year's Day" open thread because, well, we haven't had one in two days. Or something like that - I'm not actually counting. 

Tonight it's Stanford vs Virginia Tech - the team that's come from nowhere the past couple of seasons against the team that started the season 0-2 including a loss to NAIA school Jane Madison, a point in the season at which the Hokies were left for dead. 

Who to root for?

I don't really give a damn if this is Stanford's chance to have the best team in their school history right before they lose Jim Harbaugh to Michigan or the 49ers, I'm still going for the Hokies (and in saying so, I've probably doomed them). I like Frank Beamer even though he beat us twice the last couple years, and Stanford has that Director's Cup thing going that they win all of the time mostly because they have more sports than anyone else, not because they're so much better. 

What's a Hokie???? Tonight I hope it's some kind of tree-burning SOB with a gas can in one hand and a lit stick of dynamite in the other. It's not that I hate hate hate Stanford - it's that the last thing we need is for them to get really good at football. 

Stanford Preview - Virginia Tech Preview 

I'll be at a Boy Scout meeting for the start of this game. I hope it isn't over before I get home. I hate it when that happens.