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Husker CornCast: Nebrasketball, baby!

We're back! After a long winter break, and the start of a new semester, it is time for the CornCast to switch over to basketball.  We will dig in to recruiting for football in an upcoming episode, and spring game material when it comes closer to the date.  But for now, the basketball team is into Big 12 season...

Host Jake Sorensen and guest host Mike Sholes talk with Brian Rosenthal of the Lincoln Journal Star about the state of Nebraska basketball as it currently is.  They ask Rosenthal if he believes the team is an improvement over last year's squad, or if the early season wins are just an abberation, and fans are in for another disappointment.  They also discuss what coach Doc Sadler has to do to keep his job safe, and debate how Nebraska will fare with the remainder of the Big 12 schedule.  Finally, they predict how Nebraska will fare in the switch to the Big 10, and how they'd cope this season in the conference. 

Remember, if you have any questions, or just want to rant (about football or basketball), don't forget to email us at, or call our fan line at (571) 306-CORN, and we'll play your questions over the air.