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Carl Pelini Makes A Bad List

The Wiz of Odds is currently running a contest to vote for the most classless acts of the 2010 football season.

Carl Pelini makes the list at #6 for his actions after the Texas A&M game when he broke a photographer's camera, and then lied about it, which is classless and stupid. 

I'd love to tell you to run over there and vote for Craig James, but I'd rather you not. In fact, I'd rather you not click the link at all. 


Because I fail to see why anyone would include The Wiz Of Odds on a list of college football web sites they'd choose to visit on a regular basis. The site is consistently about the worst of college football and maybe some people like that kind of stuff. Hell, Jerry Springer had a successful career in television exposing the worst human beings possible and people apparently like watching the dysfunctional pile of goo that is Jersey Shore, so maybe I'm way off base. 

Then again, probably not. 

The site has been known for nothing but sensationalist bullshit for the past few years. I haven't paid much attention to it since writer Jay Christensen posted photos of Iowa announcer Ed Podolak that cost Podolak his job. mgoBlog's Brian Cook summed it up best when he wrote the following about that incident

By the way: I'd like to personally congratulate Jay Christensen of The Wizard of Odds, by the way, for posting these photos in a bid for cheap hits and costing a guy even Iowa State fans think is pretty awesome his job. Good work there. You've contributed greatly to the national discourse of college football with this. Love the utter lack of remorse in the follow up.    

You can kiss my ass, too, Wiz. 

What's missing from the vote is #11 - the continued existence of the Wiz of Odds web site.

If you link to it, remove it. If you're inclined to vote, please don't.