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Husker Hardwood: Colorado Gamethread

No more "moral victories"!! (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
No more "moral victories"!! (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
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Losing sucks.

But losing close games can suck with much more gusto, as anyone who has been following Nebraska basketball should know. There comes a point in which you have to simply ask yourself this question: Do I really expect Nebraska basketball to ever amount to anything on a consistent basis? Or am I just along for the ride, enjoying Husker sports, and really waiting for the spring game to come?

Losses, which could have easily been wins, to both #11 Missouri and #3 Kansas have left me with that question. Normally, there wouldn't be much argument to such a thought. I mean, who doesn't expect their team to win occasionally? Sure, Doc Sadler pulls in a decent paycheck, but how much can football-heavy Nebraska athletics really do to snatch top-level talent on the court? Isn't it good enough to just win a few games here and there?

That's our question of the night, as we prepare for a tough matchup tonight with the red-hot Buffs. What do you truly expect out of this program? Take the poll at the end of the post, and some quick hits after the jump..

Colorado 14-4 (3-0) @ Nebraska 13-4 (1-2)

Nebraska has a chance tonight to stop the bleeding, and rise up to .500 in the league. In the way, is a snotty Colorado team that is returning all five of it's starters from last season. The Buffies are tied for first in the Big 12, and are currently averaging the second highest points per game output next to the Kansas Jayhawks.

Nebraska faces much of the same challenges versus CU that were present against the Jayhawks. The Huskers will need some sharp shooting combined with stellar defense to take down the dynamic duo of guards Alec Burks and Cory Higgins. After taking down the Mizzou Tigers and the KSU, Colorado coach Tad Boyle earned National Coach of the Week honors. So it appears the hippies have everything working for them right now.

We'll need much of the same effort that we saw against Kansas if we're to win tonight. Take advantage of Nebraska's 3rd straight television appearance (something of a rarity), and add your comments as we try to take down the Buffs!

Quick Hits

-Colorado is in the top-ten nationally in scoring offense at 83.9 points per game

-Nebraska leads the all-time series at 76-70

-Doc Sadler is 4-4 against the Buffs during his time at Nebraska. He has lost the last two games.

-Nebraska has held six teams this year to their seaosn-low in scoring. The latest was Kansas, holding the Jayhawks to just 63 points, over 20 points below their average.

-Nebraska has it's best 17 game record to start the season in the Big 12 era, and it's best start since 1995-96 when they were also 13-4.

So here we go. Tonight's motto: NO MORE MORAL VICTORIES!

Tipoff: 6:06pm CST

Television: ESPN2

Radio: IMG Husker sports network ( Kent Pavelka and Matt Davison )

Internet stats / free radio: