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What Do You Think of the Big Ten Keeping The Division Names For 2011?

Last week the Big Ten conference stated that they'll be keeping the "Legends" and "Leaders" Division names through 2011, stating

"Short term there is no plan to change," Chipman said. "They will definitely be utilized for the 2011 football season. It would be impossible to measure their sustainability without using them as they were intended to be used. But like any of our branding or marketing efforts, we will continuously review all aspects, conduct market research and test sustainability."

What Do You Think Of The Big Ten Keeping the Division Names for the 2011 season?


You realize they're going to measure the sustainability of suck, right?

Next year if they determine that that their suck rate is 80%, it'll be an improvement over the 90% suck rate that they started with so some marketing guy will figure out that in four or five more years they'll only suck 50%, trending towards non-suckageness because that's how marketing people think. 

We'll be stuck with these sucky division names just because someone was too cheap to throw out stationery and start over.

I knew it was trouble when that Grange fella from illinois went off and started pro football. Everything's gone downhill since then....... 
I think it's great, but only if they're going to call one division "Winners" and the other one "Losers" after the first year! 
I find your lack of faith disturbing......