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Husker Hardwood: Kansas Gamethread

Into the Phog!

Just literally...and hopefully not in a metaphorical sense. The Huskers face yet another top ten opponent today on the court. The last time Nebraska knocked off Kansas was 2004, and it's been even longer -1999, since they've won in Lawrence. This will be the last trip to Allen Fieldhouse for Nebraska, and wouldn't it be nice to steal a win?

This is a pretty big test for Nebraska. Missouri exposed some things that Doc will try to address, that's for sure. But take away the sloppy and slow start, and Nebraska played step for step with the #15 ranked Tigers. Surely the task of beating Kansas is even more daunting, but from what we've seen so far, it's possible. Remember, the Huskers pushed Kansas pretty hard in both games last season.

Follow the team for the 1PM matchup today, and take the jump for some quick factoids and season statistics.

Nebraska 13-3 @  #3 Kansas 16-0

Another one bites the dust?

Friday saw coach Doc Sadler dismiss yet another player from the Husker basketball team. No explanation was given, but junior Kamyron Brown had just returned from a 10 game suspension, so something was up that Doc didn't like. To say that this is a trend with regards to Sadlers players is an understatement. Assuming this is a basketball related issue, it would seem that Doc isn't taking any crap. Don't follow the rules? Don't want to play as a team? You're out....or at the very least on the bench until you simply quit in frustration.

I don't think this will affect the team's focus, as Brown was a transfer from Oregon and barely made any contributions as a player. It does limit the depth of Nebraska's bench, one of the few advantages we had over most other Big 12 schools. But again, Brown averaged just 2.8 points and 1.0 assists per game.

Moving forward, Nebraska is facing a tough battle today in the paint. The extra poundage that center Jorge Diaz put on in the off-season will be put to the test versus the Morris twins from Kansas. Marcus and Markieff, both likely NBA prospects, are returning as one of the most potent 1-2 punches down low in the country. Nebraska's big men Diaz and Almeida have the advantage in sheer size, but the biggest threat won't be from banging bodies inside. Both Morris boys can shoot the ball well, and rest assured they will extend the Big Red defense in order to draw the defenders away from the basket.

This is one of the ways Kansas wins games folks. Besides laying great defense, the Jayhawks ability to create perfect spacing on offense is a huge key to why they've been so successful over the years. Watch for that today. Nebraska will have to be damn stout on defense, and hope that the Jayhawks have an off day. If that happens, Nebraska has a shot here - albeit a long one. On the other hand, Kansas is favored by 15.5 points today. They'll eclipse that if the Huskers can't disrupt the Kansas offensive machine and limit the damage done my the Morris twins.

Beyond that, I think it's pretty simple today. Nebraska is ranked #3 nationally in points allowed with 55.0, while Kansas is ranked #8 in ppg scored with 84.3 per contest. Somethings gotta give. Nebraska has only allowed 70 points or more in two games this year, and lost them both. (Davidson and Missouri). I guess the writing's on the wall then, huh? Kansas scores 70+, and it's over.

Quick Hits

-Toney McCray led the way for Nebraska  on Wednesday night against Missouri, with 17 points and 5 rebs.

-Twins Markieff and Marcus Morris combined for 50 points and 24 rebounds in KU's win over Iowas State on Wednesday.

-Nebraska won it's first ever meeting with Kansas in 1900 by a score of 48-8.

-Kansas leads the all-time series with Nebraska 168-71, and is 29-3 versus the Huskers in the Big 12 era. (One more reason to get the hell out of this conference!)

-Nebraska's Brandon Ubel (Overland Park) and Caleb Walker (Hutchinson) hail from the state of Kansas originally.

-Nebraska guard Lance Jeter leads the Big 12 in assist to turnover ratio (2.68-1). Jeter coughed up the pill just once in the 31 minutes of Missouri's vaunted full-court press defense on Wednesday. That's impressive.


Game Information

Tipoff: 1:05pm CST

Location: Lawrence, KS

Television: ESPNU - DirectTV channel 608

Radio: IMG Husker Sports Network - Kent Pavelka and Matt Davison. (KFAB 110 in Omaha - KLIN 1400 in Lincoln)

Internet stats/ free radio: