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Hear the Squealing? It's Brady Hoke To Michigan!

Michigan has hired San Diego State head coach Brady Hoke to be their next head coach - setting off a blazing chorus of joyful sounds of screeching ike pre-teenage girls who have seen Justin Bieber live and then thrown themselves to their deaths at hearing of his engagement to someone else that's not them. 

Who knows if Hoke will do well. Who knows if he can coach at Michigan? Perhaps it was an action of desperation

All I know is that they got themselves a Meechegan man after not having one before. That and the Michigan sites are going to be a blast reading for the next couple days. 

Does Bo Pelini go to San Diego State now? What about Shawn Watson? 

My personal favorite

I believe Brady Hoke is the event that will trigger the destruction of the world in 2012 as the Mayan's predicted. In fact, the face in the center of the calendar itself could be Hoke himself. Doom!!!