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2011 BCS National Title Game: Oregon Ducks vs Auburn Tigers Open Thread

Here we are - the last game of the 2010 college football season. Just a couple minutes ago, I started breathing again. About a half hour ago, I thought I'd lost a very large file server at one of my customer sites. 

"Here it is, the biggest game of the year, and I'm going to be re-installing Windows 2003 Server and Active Directory". 

Thank God it came back up after I had the patience to let it straighten itself out. What? Me and patience in the same sentence? Yeah. Funny. Who'da thunk? 

Oregon vs Auburn

Big big game. Should be as about as exciting as games get. 

If you're waiting around for it to start, you might consider a couple links I didn't post earlier today. 

- From Chris Brown of Smart Football - a look at both team's offenses. Brown writes for a number of us on our MSP Yearbooks - he knows more about offense than anyone I know that doesn't coach. 

- Bill Plaschke, who not only says the BCS got things right, but that it's done a lot of good for college football. It's an article I completely agree with, by the way, and you can start discussing that concept before the game starts if you like. 

Otherwise, join us for witty banter, maybe a cat or dog or something weird. It's the last game of the season!