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Corn Flakes: Oregon vs Auburn - Will Anyone Not Be Watching This?

While there's a big game on tonight, I have to wonder if more Nebraska fans are concerned with what Les Miles is up to these days.
While there's a big game on tonight, I have to wonder if more Nebraska fans are concerned with what Les Miles is up to these days.

It was a great weekend (not) - the whole family was down with the flu, and I'm still recovering from lack of decent sleep and food intake. I'm telling you this not for sympathy, but because there's probably misspellings on this post and things will generally seem off a bit. 

2011 BCS National title links are after the jump. 

Steven M. Sipple: NU should be prepared to battle for Bo

It's a fascinating situation to monitor. Pelini has an affinity for the SEC. And if Miles ends up at Michigan, he would leave behind a roster stocked with talent. The Tigers will return at least 16 starters from this season's 11-2 squad. They'll be among the top-five favorites in next season's chase for the BCS championship.

It is a fascinating situation. On top of that, there's nothing else happening with regards to Nebraska football right now, so I'm sure we'll all be freaking in the next couple of days, especially if Les Miles does go to Michigan. 

A World Held Hostage: Day Six | mgoblog

Meanwhile, in Michigan, they're in limbo and close to exploding. Or imploding. Either way, it's not good, and it doesn't sound like Les Miles is all that interested. Or is he? One thing - if I had a shitload of money, I would rent a plane and a pilot at the end of every college football season and fly around to different cities, just to screw with whatever fanbase I hated most that season. 

The Candidates: Les Miles

Finally, there is the age issue.  Does a 57 year old coach have enough tread on the tire's to undertake what has become a rebuilding project at Michigan?  This is something that Brandon and Miles will have to hash out if he is indeed a serious candidate.  I can't speak on the subject because I just don't know, but it is a red flag. 

Maize N' Brew does a complete breakdown on the Miles candidacy, and includes the bit above. Can I ask - since when is 57 considered "old"? Or better yet - Michigan wants a guy who's been successful at other places, yet not TOO experienced apparently. It sounds like they won't be happy regardless of who they get, doesn't it?

2011 BCS National Title Game

Auburn University News Alert

Auburn University is currently under an ICE STORM WARNING until 6:00 p.m. Monday. The National Weather Service continues to forecast one quarter to over one half inch of ice accumulation for the Auburn area as a result of this storm. Governor Riley has declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY for all of Alabama due to this unfolding winter weather event. All forms of winter precipitation have begun to fall across western Alabama. Winter precipitation is expected to start in our area shortly.

The fact that they just happened to have a huge event today has nothing to do with it. Or am I off base - do they really freak out over this little snow? 

Good Hands Roadside Rivalry Road Trip: Keys to a National Championship

From Auburn's point of view - what it will take to win.

BCS National Championship: Not Rooting For Oregon Or Auburn (And Why You Shouldn't Either)

I was completely in the Oregon camp until I read this. Now I'm only mostly in the Oregon camp. Still, an etching of Phil Knight in the women's restrooms? That's beyond creepy. 

Five reasons Auburn will beat Oregon for the BCS Championship
Tony Barnhart, aka, "Mr College Football", gives us five reasons why Auburn will win. None of them are the real reason he picks Auburn, so I'll help him out: 

#1 - Because if I didn't pick Auburn to win this game, SEC nutballs (redundant) would murder me, mutilate my body and hang me in a town square where small children would laugh at my castrated parts.

2011 BCS Championship Game: 43 Bold Predictions As Oregon And Auburn Prepare For National Title

Chip Kelly's offense will look like a blur, Cam Newton will execute the first ever solo flea-flicker and LeGarrette Blount will strike again, plus 40 other bold predictions and previews for the 2011 BCS Championship Game (Cecil Newton has tickets if ya'll need 'em).

Why Auburn's so called speed is a fraud fabricated by ESPN
It's interesting, and it includes a photo of Oregon Cheerleaders, hand selected by Nike's Phil Knight.

Long Line Of National Title Heartbreak For Auburn, Oregon

Neither Auburn nor Oregon has won national titles..... okay, Auburn claims one in 1957, but they were on probation at the time. Anyway - a nice article about how both teams just haven't been able to get there, including a mention of how the Ducks were screwed over by Nebraska in 2001. 

For the record, for all I care, the Ducks could have played Miami in 2001. They could have gotten their asses kicked just as badly as we did.