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Big 12 Cob Of the Week: Turner Gill, Carson Coffman, Nike and Tommy Tuberville

The Big 12 Cob of the Week returns for the 2010 season. The Big 12 Cob of the Week let's you vote on the Big 12's worst performance of the week. Given that it was opening week, there were plenty of bad performances to go around.

In fact, if you're feeling bad about Nebraska giving up a bunch of rushing yards to Western Kentucky's Bobby Rainey, you haven't taken a look around the conference. Bad performances were everywhere, although only one Big 12 team lost this week, and ultimately that's the only thing that counts.

Hit the jump for our nominees this week - or just go ahead and vote. Hate to say it, but there's one clear cut winner here.

Husker Mike:

A quarterback completes 68% of his passes and throws the eventual game-winning touchdown pass despite missing some of the game with dehydration, and he's the nominee? Well, let's remember that Kansas State's Carson Coffman passing total was only 66 yards, and he was sacked six times. 11 pass completions, and you only gained 66 yards?That's not even dink-and-dunk, that's barely sipping.

Mr Corn

I'll take the new uni's for Virginia Tech and Boise State on Monday night. Or more directly, my "cob" goes to Nike for making these students look like Gi Joe action figures. LeBron James pimped the new threads, of course he get's millions from Nike to do just that. I'm suddenly glad Nebraska picked Addidas. (Editor: Not really Big 12, but I agree with the Nike assessment.)

William Grubb:

Texas Tech and Tommy Tuberville not bringing any defense to Tech letting SMU score 27 points. Tech won 35-27, not exactly a ringing endorsement for a good season. Can you say irony? Wasn't Tuberville was supposed to make the defense better? Still, our guy from Double T Nation doesn't think the defense was that bad.

Jon Johnston and Jason Lewis

It makes me sad to make this nomination, but I think there's one clear winner who's already established themselves as a cut below anyone else - Turner Gill. Gill remains my favorite Husker of all time, but his first game at Kansas was abysmal. As Rock Chalk Talk says about Kansas' 6-3 loss to FCS North Dakota State - "Please tell me that's the bottom." The most shocking thing about the game was how disorganized and unprepared the Jayhawks were.

Normally we're supposed to feel good about an enemy's demise. Not so here. One more game against Nebraska and we can all become Kansas fans for as long as Gill remains their coach. Let's just hope for his sake that the "Nice Guys Finish Last" cliche' doesn't apply here.