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Cob Of The Week: Missouri, Iowa, The Great Play Clock Debate and Jake Locker

Late again, as usual, but the Cob of the Week nominations are here at last!

There was a lot of suck going on across America, but as picked by CN Authors, these are the suckiest of the sucky.


Yeah they won, but c'mon. The Tigers needed a 68 yard touchdown pass in the final minute of the game to regain the lead over San Diego State. The Tigers defense gave up two long (93, 75) touchdown runs to Ronnie Hillman...which raises the question: is Hillman the second coming of Marshall Faulk, or are the Tigers seriously overrated?


On one hand, Mike Stoops looked like a spoiled little brat, blowing a gasket after every call that didn't go his way. On the other, Kirk Ferentz solved his teams lack of intensity by chewing his gum. Come on Kirk, would it kill ya to show a little fire once in a while? They're starting to look like the Cubs of college football, finding a way to screw up championship hopes on a regular basis.

What a letdown for Hawk fans.

The Notre Dame - Michigan State Great Play Clock Debate

Not too long after the most excellent fake field goal resulted in Michigan State's win over Notre Dame, the wheels of the internets started churning. The play clock ran out! The play should have never happened! It should be reviewable! (shouldn't everything?) Fraud! Corruption! Turns out that the play clock expired within 1/5 of a second of the ball being snapped, but that's beside the point.

The point is - if you're a Notre Dame fan and you're seriously complaining about losing to Michigan State on a perfectly executed fake field goal, it ought to tell you just how far your might program has fallen. In other words, suck it up and take it like a man, Domers.

And God bless modern technology for making everything second-guessable. Wait, is that another nomination, like a two-fer?

Jake Locker

Story line: Top NFL quarterback draft prospect to show off talents against big-name program from the midwest who's missing their top (mutant) defensive lineman from last season's defense. NFL quarterback prospect should have a field day, right?

If you call going four-for-20 for 71 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions a field day, then, yeah, you'd be right. There's falling flat, and then there's not bothering to show up. Take your pick, but Locker did one of them Saturday, and in doing so, his NFL draft stock dropped, potentially costing him millions of dollars. Anyone else lose millions Saturday?