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Husker Football Podcast: Introducing Corn Nation's Husker Corncast

CN finally got a podcast going. It has been submitted, but is not yet available in the iTunes store, but I have faith that it'll be accepted soon, because of it's overpowering awesomeness, i.e., who wouldn't accept more Nebraska football content? 

Here's the poop - the podcast is hosted by two guys new to the CN community. Bio's are below the jump. Note that they are both university students, meaning that they're both young enough they haven't become cynical, nor addled by excessive sarcasm. Perhaps we can all help them move forward in those areas.  I hope you welcome them to CN's community. 

William Grubb Bio

Born in raised in Houston, Texas grew up an Astros, Rockets, Texans, and of course a Huskers fan. In 2009 I began studying Broadcast Journalism at the University of Nebraska and began working for 90.3 KRNU's gameday crew contributing to pre-game and halftime shows. I also produce and contribute to the "Sports Dude" a weekly radio show that airs Thursday nights 7-9 on KRNU's internet channel "Studio 201"

Jake Sorenson Bio

Jake Sorensen is a sophomore at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, majoring in broadcast news.  Jake is from Beatrice, Nebraska, and is in his 2nd year at the university.

An avid Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, St. Louis Cardinals, and Nebraska athletics fan, Jake has had a passion for sports from the youngest of ages.

Jake currently works for the university's campus radio station Sports Staff, helping with broadcasts of Husker football, basketball, and baseball games.  He also works on The Sports Dude, a campus radio show on Thursday nights.

Jake is involved with many things on campus, including Navigators, campus intramurals (Editor's Note - Shouldn't that say - I play Intramurals, brother!!!!?) , National Broadcasting Society, and Southwestern, to name a few, and enjoys playing golf, tennis, basketball, and working out in his free time.

Episode 1 - 2010 Season Preview And Award Nomination Preview 

Even though it's not yet available on iTunes, you can have a listen above. And give feedback. Please give feedback (re-emphasizing influences in cynicism, sarcasm), so we can properly mold, shape these young guys so they, too, can properly scream "Get Off MY LAWN!" at 40 (when they finally become men, of course). 

For non-iTunes users, the podcast is being hosted at The podcast RSS feed is available hereRss_podcast_medium