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Corn Flakes: Welcome Back Students

Still in the middle of a move, but I still have Wi-Fi and still have links for you all as the season creeps closer. Those of you in college towns should be feeling the students filling out the town as they head back to campus.

CFN by scout has the full B12 preseason breakdown. 2010 Big 12 Preview - Schedules & Picks 2010 Big 12 Preview - Unit Rankings

"Fun" Positions to Come - Nebraska Football

BRN looks at who should fill out the remaining recruiting spots.

Life in the Red's Blog | Cotton: LT battle will be close

Cotton seems to be pretty confident that the O-Line should be very improved. College Football - Which team is the biggest league favorite?

Look for Nebraska to dominate the North Division, then need a win over (most likely) Texas or Oklahoma in the Big 12 championship game.

Yep that'll do. -JL

Jamal Turner looks toward Lincoln, eyes on a prize -

Many folks panicked this week when a report suggested that Turner was waivering in his commitment to Nebraska. It doesn't sound like folks need to panic; if anything, it sounds like the only reason he's taking a visit to A&M is that it's the weekend the Huskers are playing the Aggies. He's seems pretty rock solid on enrolling in Lincoln after Christmas.

Prince Amukamara NFL Draft scouting report

If Amukamara has a good 2010 season, he could make a crapload of coin... well, if the NFL has a season in 2011. Still - things are looking good for a guy who came to Nebraska to play running back and return kicks - JJ.

One Reason I'll Be Glad Nebraska Is Gone From The Big 12 - I Am The 12th Man

Coach Beergut is baiting Husker fans- JJ

 Tommie Frazier is one of the most overrated QBs in college football history no one outside of Nebraska considers him one of the best college QBs ever the fact that Nebraska still won with a former waterboy starting at QB shows it was the team that won those games, not Frazier

No doubt Beergut saw the BOTC article that tweaked Husker fans and thought his site needed some more traffic. -JL

Kansas tweaking fight song over Huskers, Buffs leaving Big 12 -

With Nebraska leaving the Big XII, the line about listening to the Cornhuskers' "wail" doesn't really apply. Of course, that wailing ended when Tom Osborne fired Bill Callahan for the most part. - HM

Ndamukong Suh Apologizes For Late Arrival To Camp - Pride Of Detroit

Reviews are generally positive on how Suh handled his arrival in camp, at least according to SB Nation's "Pride of Detroit" blog. - HM