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How Confident Are Husker Fans?

A new gizmo showed up on CN, over there in the upper left where you can't help but notice it. 

It's the Cornhuskers fan confidence poll. It will run on a weekly basis. The poll opens on Monday morning and closes 48 hours later at which point the votes are tallied and charted. Registered and anonymous visitors can vote in the poll.

You vote in the poll by choosing the slider at the bottom, sliding it back and forth until you see your level of confidence, then hit the vote button. That's probably obvious stuff, but when I first saw it, I just saw the vote button and clicked "Vote". Then I felt silly. 

At first glance, it looks kinda silly, but the beauty is in the long term. We'll be able to chart your confidence over time - in December it might be interesting to look back and have an idea of how confident we were heading into the Texas game. Even better, it might be interesting to see how confident we were compared to how confident Texas fans were. 

So, give it a shot!