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Corn Flakes: America's Blog?

So I'm in the middle of moving, and it's 101 outside. Enjoy the links and think cool thoughts for me. -JL

Steven M. Sipple: Nebraska appears good fit at No. 6

Sipple ranks Nebraska at #6. The 2010 blogpoll will be coming soon. I don't see myself ranking Nebraska quite that high - yet. - JJ

A very bittersweet goodbye

The governor also made a promise to the men and women who would be deploying to Afghanistan. "By the time you get to Afghanistan, we will have figured how to get cable TV over there so you can watch the Husker football games," he said to thunderous applause.

Some might consider it trivial, but I would think that it's a pretty big piece of staying connected with Nebraska, with home. I have no idea how they'll do this, though. Satellite? - JJ

Why Nebraska Will Be The Most Rooted For Team in America This Year | Bleacher Report

Truly like the words from the ancient Arab proverb, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Texas has made a lot of enemies, and Nebraska suddenly has a lot of new friends.

Just be sure wear Red and refer to yourself as the greatest fans in America. -JL

Ten Truths about the Big 12

10. However, Nebraska will skate through the North division And they’ll steal one of the spots as they wave goodbye to the Big 12 from behind the championship trophy after beating OU in the Big 12 title game. Bo Pelini’s defense will miss Ndamukong Suh, but the Cornhuskers will take a major step forward offensively and still smother opponents with more of a team effort.

I like it! -JL

Delany shows why he’s running Big Ten show

"I’ve been impressed," Osborne said, "by the fact that Jim seems to think things through very thoroughly."

It has been said that Delany plays chess while all the others play checkers. Sometimes I think he's playing chess on 3 boards at once. -JL

Browns sign Larry Asante | National Football Post

$1.96 million contract; signing bonus of roughly $170,000

Wonder if he can make it to a starter. -JL

Schedule changes for K-State - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

Kansas State was set to host the Ducks to open the 2011 season before flying to Eugene, Oregon in 2012. The Wildcats are still slated to travel to Miami for the first half of a home-and-home in 2011. As of today, the series with Miami is still scheduled to be played, but Snyder's not short on influence in Manhattan. Expect that series to face the same fate.

Well I'm shocked. And no I don't buy they whole well we're going into a 9 game B"12" schedule. Snyder would have gotten out of this one way or another. So KSU fans are you ok never playing anyone outside of conference? Screw it you're a basketball school now anyway. -JL

Texas Longhorns Selling Electricity To Fans - The Consumerist

Husker Power has nothing on this. Another example of why Texas should be considered a foreign country. -JL