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Nebraska Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson to Run For Governor

shawn watson
You could vote for him, right? 

It's too bad elections aren't held in August, because if they were, Shawn Watson might have a shot. He says all the right things in August, just like when yesterday he was talking about our starting quarterback race: 

"Zac has become a better runner," Watson said. "Cody has become a better manager. Taylor's become a better passer. They've enhanced themselves because they've had to compete.

Wow! Each one has become better at exactly the skills they need to master in order to win the starting job, and more importantly, games, and possibly more important than that, the hearts of Husker fans everywhere.

August makes you forget that Watson is the guy that's had to re-tool the offense twice in midseason the past two seasons. With Ganz, it happened after the 55-17 loss against Missouri, and last season, the Huskers went ultra-conservative after the 9-7 loss to Iowa State. 

Nebraska should have the depth to make sure that doesn't happen this season.... right? I mean, the offensive line should have depth, despite that they're looking at possibly starting a redshirt freshman, Jeremiah Sirles, at left tackle. The running back position looks good, and the receivers are settled compared to last season. It isn't bugging me that they haven't named a starter at quarterback because I never expected them to - it's like a game they like to play with the media as much as anything (rather enjoyable, at that). 

I feel good about the offense heading into this season, but it makes me cringe when Shawn Watson talks, because it's the same stuff he's fed us the past two seasons, and while it was great in August, it didn't have much lasting power beyond the middle of September. 

I so want to believe Watson, too, probably because of his great hair, and his great smile. Unfortunately, elections are held in November and this is an election year. Will I be voting for Watson in November? It's so far away, and there's so much that can happen between now and then.