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Colorado's Budget Crisis: How Would You Solve It?

The latest news has Colorado staying in the Big 12 until 2012 so they can avoid losing a lot of money in penalties. Last year they didn't fire Dan Hawkins, mostly because they couldn't afford his contract buyout. 

The University of Colorado clearly has a money problem. How would you solve it? 

They could get the whole football team to go out and sell candy bars or coupons. Worked for our football team - but going door to door kinda sucks.
Just give up. Sell themselves to Nebraska. We don't have money problems. We'd rename it "Nebraska - The Rockies Campus" and it'd be a nicer place to visit.
They could take a shower, shave,put on a decent suit and try getting a real job for once in their lives, huh?
They oughta make a killing selling those licensed Tyler Hansen jerseys this season. They'll be fine.