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Corn Flakes Where Lil Red is Loved*

*At least by me.

I've noticed a lot of "national" media coverage of the Huskers this week. With the pre-season ranking, the Texas deal, the move to the B10 NU makes a good story. Let's hope the story has a happy ending for us Nebraska fans.

A lot of links to get to. I'll get some of the cats together here soon as well. Enjoy-

Final takes: Nebraska comes full circle, quarterback willing - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF  - Yahoo! Sports

Dr Sat talks about how long it's been since NU was in the top 10, or basically "mattered". Our first stop in the national spotlight. -JL

Big 12: Rebuilt Nebraska eager to avenge haunting loss to Texas - NCAA Football -

That one second on the clock in the Big 12 title-game loss to Texas still haunts and drives Nebraska. Backed by a defense that figures to be better than last year, the Huskers have a golden opportunity for vengeance, Dennis Dodd says.

Another coverage piece for you to enjoy. -JL

Tom Osborne's steady hand guides Nebraska through tumultuous offseason - ESPN

Front page of ESPN, nothing here that you rabid red followers won't know, but nice exposure to the casual fans out there. -JL

Shatel: TD Ameritrade's Moglia says Pelini's potential is ‘phenomenal' -

"Bo visited Fish in the hospital that night," Moglia said. "The kid's mom thanked Bo and said, ‘I can't imagine what would have happened if I read on Twitter or saw in a press release or read it in the paper the next day something about my son that wasn't factual or I hadn't known yet.' That is tremendous reinforcement for Bo that he is holding up his promise. That's a big deal here

Read the article and see who Pelini is compared to. -JL

The 12 coolest mascots in college football -

Any list that doesn't include Lil Red in it is crap. -JL

It depends...if it's a list of the 12 worst mascots in college football, then yeah, it's crap if it excludes 'Lil Red. -HM

Lots more after the jump.

Company buys Husky season tickets to see NU - Lincoln Journal-Star

Anybody still have doubts that Nebraska fans will go to just about any extreme to watch the Big Red? -HM

But really NU fans are JUST like any other. Ask any of the other B12 fans... -JL

Former Washington tight end Middleton not coming to NU

How many players in basketball have we lost because of similar issues? this sucks. -JL

Five story lines to watch in 2010 -

As if you need to be told them. -JL

Cowboys Ride For Free - For Oklahoma St. Cowboys Fans

SB Nation has added an Oklahoma State Cowboys blog - someone you don't have to wait to hate. Get your shots in - obviously, it's our last year against these guys. - JJ

What are the Cowboys riding? Do we want to know? What is the cost for non-cowboys? -JL

Kickoff Times Set for First Two Games - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Nebraska's home football games against Western Kentucky (Sept. 4), and Idaho (Sept. 11) will be available on a pay-per-view basis. Big 12 Special Order Sports, FOX Sports Net's pay-per-view division will produce the pay-per-view telecasts and the games will be available on participating cable systems in Nebraska as well as nationally on participating satellite and telco systems.

Former Jayhawk receiver injured in preseason

Falcons officials were impressed with Meier’s physicality and aggressiveness during training camp and thought he had a shot at winning the starting receiver role out of camp.

Now that he's no longer part of the Jayhawk football team, I can root for Kerry Meier to have much success. Unfortunately, not this season. - JJ

I assumed that he just caught a pass for a first down against us again. -JL

Jakes named WKU’s starting quarterback 

Kawaun Jakes was officially named Western Kentucky's starting quarterback by Taggart following Monday morning’s practice, redeeming himself after injuring his ankle playing pickup basketball in the spring.

The Hilltoppers have a spread-based quarterback trying to learn the West Coast offense and coming to Lincoln, Nebraska for the opening game of 2010. Ouch. - JJ

Was Jakes the right call? I’d say yes

It was the right call for a handful of reasons: 1) Experience – Jakes started eight games last season against Football Bowl Subdivision opponents. Matt Pelesasa and Brandon Doughty have, to this point, only seen FBS games from the stands or on television. There is no drill that a player can go through that recreates the overall speed of top-level college football.

Nick Baumgardner covers Western Kentucky, and agrees that Jakes is the right call for starter at QB for the Hilltoppers. - JJ

The Tradifferences of Big Ten Coaches - Off Tackle Empire

Putting numbers to what we all pretty much understand in our guts --- when a coach is/should be in trouble.

I missed this before, but here it is - Bo Pelini has a higher bar than any other coach in the Big Ten Conference... and he's not even there yet! - JJ

Along The Olentangy - For Ohio St. Buckeyes Fans

SB Nation has a new Ohio State site - so, if you know anything about the Big Ten Conference, these are the guys we'll be hating, regardless of divisional alignment - in another year. - JJ