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Help The SideTrack Band Play in Ames


The Sidetrack Band wants to play in Ames for the NU vs ISU game November 6th, but there isn't a bar big enough to hold all the Husker fans that want to go! 


Load a bus full of Husker fans and take them to the game, then bring them back to Omaha to party!    

The band is really looking for a place that holds 400+, and prefer to play in Ames instead of heading back to NE.  They didn't want to risk an outdoor gig in November so, they're really looking for a bigger venue in Ames. However, if they cannot find a place, they're looking for a backup plan, so If you are even thinking of going to the LAST game in Ames (NU versus ISU), please fill out this five question survey.

Thank you!