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What Offensive Team Records Would Nebraska Hold in the Big Ten?

Tom Osborne's teams would have faired well against their Big Ten counterparts.... at least statistically. 
Earl Richardson/Getty Images
Tom Osborne's teams would have faired well against their Big Ten counterparts.... at least statistically. Earl Richardson/Getty Images

Earlier I looked at the individual records Nebraska would hold had they played in the Big Ten conference over the years. This time I take a look at the offensive team records the Huskers would hold.

You'd think that the 1983 team would be well represented, along with perhaps the greatest college football team of all time, 1995. However, I was surprised at the amount of times the 1982 team was listed, but remember that the 1982 team should have won a national title, were it not for one of the worst calls in college football history, the out-of-bounds catch ruled inbounds against Penn State in 1982. 

Bottom line - Nebraska's offense has smashed teams pretty well over the years. I don't think Husker fans would be shocked by that. They may, however, be surprised at how well Nebraska fares when compared to the Big Ten's best teams over the years. 


Rushing Attempts - Game: Minnesota holds the top spot at 136 against Northwestern in 1905. Nebraska's 86 attempts against South Dakota in 1952 would be fourth. 

Rushing Attempts - Season - Nebraska's 762 in 1982 would be third. The top spot is held by Michigan, with 842 rushing attempts in 1971. 

Most Yards Gained:

Game - Nebraska's 677 yards rushing against New Mexico State in 1982 would be third. Minnesota gained 832 yards rushing against Northwestern in that 1905 game where they had 136 attempts. (Holy Cow!)

Season: Nebraska's 4,820 yards in 1983 would blow away the competition. The most rushing yards in a season by a Big Ten team is 4,199 by Ohio State in 1974. 

Per Game: Nebraska's 401.7 rushing yards per game in 1983 would blow away Ohio State's 349.9 per game in 1974.

Touchdowns - Game: Nebraska nine touchdowns against Minnesota in 1983 would place fourth. Michigan State scored 11 touchdowns against Northwestern in 1989. 

Touchdowns - Season: Nebraska's 66 rushing touchdowns in 1983 and 1997 would destroy Ohio State's 48 in 1974.


Most Attempts - Game: Purdue had 83 attempts against Wisconsin in 1998. Nebraska's 58 attempts versus Colorado in 2007 would not make the top ten. No shock there. 

Most Attempts - Season: Purdue had 594 attempts in 1998. Nebraska's 481 attempts in 2007 would not make the top ten.

Most Completions - Game: Purdue had 55 completions in that ‘98 game versus Wisconsin. Nebraska's 31 completions against Colorado in 2007 would not make the top ten.

Completion Percentage - Season: Nebraska's 68.13 (.6813) percent rate in 2008 would top Wisconsin's 67.5 (.675) in 1993. 


Touchdowns - Game: Nebraska's seven touchdown passes against Kansas State in 2007 would tie for first with four Big Ten games.

Touchdowns - Season: Nebraska had 32 passing touchdowns in 2006. This would put them in fourth place, behind Purdue at 43 (1998) and 38 in 2004, and Ohio State's 33 in 1995. 

Total Offense

Total Offense - Plays In A Single Game: Nebraska had 108 plays against Missouri in 1971. This would place third, tops being Northwestern's 115 plays against Auburn on January 1st, 2010. 

Total Offense - Plays in A Season: Nebraska's 1,076 plays in 1971 would be first in the Big Ten, topping Purdue's 1,034 plays in 2002 and Northwestern's 1,034 plays in 2009.

Total Offense - Yards in A Game: Nebraska's 883 yards against New Mexico State in 1982 would blow away Purdue's 763 yards against Indiana in 2004.

Total Offense - Yards in A Season: Nebraska's 6,560 yards in 1983 would top Minnesota's 6,430 yards in 2003.

Total Offense - Yards Per Game: Nebraska had 556.3 yards per game in 1995, beating Penn State's 512.7 yards per game in 1994.

First Downs 

First Downs - Rushing - Game:  The Big Ten's top place belongs to Wisconsin against Northwestern with 32 in 1974. Nebraska's 36 vs New Mexico State in 1982 is a NCAA record.

First Downs - Rushing - Season: Nebraska's 249 in 1982 would beat Michigan's 229 in 1971 for first place.

First Downs - Passing - Season: Nebraska's 184 in 2007 would be good enough for fifth place.

First Downs - Total - Game: Nebraska's 44 first downs against Utah St in 1971 stands as the NCAA record.

First Downs - Total - Season: Nebraska's 329 first downs in 1982 would beat Northwestern's 328 in 2005 for first place. 


Scoring - Game: In 1904, Minnesota scored 146 points against Grinnell. Nebraska's 119 points vs Haskell in 1910 would tie for fifth place with Michigan's 119 points against Michigan Ag in 1902.

Scoring - Season: Nebraska's 624 points in 1983 would place third behind Minnesota's 725 points in 1904, and Michigan's 644 points in 1902. 

Scoring - Points Per Game: Nebraska's 52.4 points per game in 1995 would place third behing Michigan's 58.5 in 1902 and Minnesota's 55.8 in 1904.