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Corn Flakes: Super Pelini Bros.

How about some links to get you through a lazy Sunday?

Herbstreit, Corso agree on Big 12 pick: OU, Nebraska will play for championship | Sports Media

Right now, Bo Pelini and his brother Carl are kind of on the cutting edge on the way they are utilizing seven defensive backs, then six and five. They are kind of using safeties as slash linebackers, kind of a hybrid guy. It creates a ton of confusion for an offensive line as we witnessed against Texas.

Still haven't seen much discussion on what the Super Pelini Bros. have done in their defensive system. Yeah Suh was sorta a big deal (ya think?), but he was put into a system that ran through him. When people say NU's defense can't be as good this year, that's true playing last year's Suh centric defense won't work this year, but maybe one that relies on the talented backfield will. -JL

Is Nebraska overrated? - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

People have been asking, and above is your answer. Don't forget that NU was a heck of a lot closer to winning several games than losing any more games. -JL


Remember last year's shit song "This is our moment" that had to be mixed in with highlights so that you couldn't possibly help but hear it? Well, because you loved that garbage so much ESPN has apparently decided that they're going to take another piece of shit song and mix it in with this year's highlights. Why? Because ESPN hates you. They secretly want to create an all-puppy channel (where Chesney would live, BTW) and can't, because beer commercials wouldn't do as well, so in retaliation you get another year of shit, specifically Kenny Chesney's music and Lou Holtz's shit-stuffed mouth. Man, I just want my college football. I don't want more shit. How hard is this? - JJ

I loved everything about that post. -JL

Barking Carnival | Guest Column: Jim Rome Previews the Big XII

As good a Big 12 preview that you're ever going to get from Rome. - JJ

More love for this. What a good week. IN-Cred-I-BLE -JL

More trolls, and players getting money? after the jump-

Hi there. Thanks for clicking the jump. I appreciate it. Go on now and read the links. I won't mind.

‘Get Money!’ starting to sound like Mizzou’s battle cry -

I've got nothing to say to this. I just felt all of you should know. -JL

In response to one Nebraska fan | Campus Corner

Hmmm, if I didn't know better I'd think Mike was trying to increase his internet hits by trolling Nebraska fans. Hey Mike as the kids say, Don't feed the trolls. -JL

Former Alabama Running Back Kevin Turner Has ALS and Why That Matters So Much - Roll 'Bama Roll

Former Alabama running back Kevin Turner has been diagnosed with Lou Gerhig's disease joining the ranks of former athletes diagnosed with the disease. But there is mounting evidence these players actually suffer from chronic traumatic encephalopathy due to repeated head injuries.

I haven't said too much about this here on CN, but if you're not aware of what's happening regarding concussions and their affects on athletes (and others who suffer repeated head injuries, which actually might include me but that's another story), then you should be. Put it this way - my son's soccer team was asked to partake in the Impact testing program this season. This is becoming more of an issue, and will likely affect our favorite sports in the not too distant future. -- JJ

The Top 100 Programs in Division I Women's College Basketball: #11-25 - Swish Appeal

What all of the programs in the 11-25 range have in common is that they've had a great deal of success either recently or just a handful of years back - but usually not both.

Nebraska women's basketball is ranked in the 11-25 range. Before last season - would they have been ranked in the Top 100 at all? - JJ

Would Johnny Rodgers Win the Heisman Today? | Heismanpundit

The case of Johnny Rodgers is a great example of a Heisman winner overcoming personal issues and adversity.  But it's also illustrative of how the times have changed...

My, how they've changed. Can you imagine the scrutiny that Rodgers would face today? Most likely he would have never made it into college in the first place. - JJ