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2010 Preseason Blogpoll Ranking: 1-25

I released a preliminary Top Ten earlier, and received plenty of feedback. You'll see that feedback reflected in the ballot after the jump. The same applies here - you're compelled to tell me where I'm wrong so that I can correct my ballot. 

This is not a power poll ranking, nor is it based on some statistical ranking, nor it is resume-based. My ballot is simply a prediction of where I think teams will end up at the end of the season (possibly with the exception of Alabama, whom I'm ranking #1 because I'm the traditionalist kind of guy that says you're #1 until you're beaten). In other words, this is all based on a hunch. 

If you had to ask me for a national title game prediction, I'd probably tell you I expect either Ohio State or Oklahoma against Boise State for a title. In other words, I don't expect Alabama to retain their top ranking for the entire season. The Boise State - Virginia Tech game is huge. BTW, if you're in the DC area, SB Nation has a special deal going where you can get club level seats for a mere $60. Hell, I'd go just to see that game. 

Anyway, the Blogpoll has moved from CBS Sports to SB Nation. You can find the full set of bloggers and a complete explanation of the poll at the link. You can also find out who hates Nebraska, and go after them...... Hahahahaha... no, seriously, you can because I know you're completely rabid because you're reading this site. 

Let me say something to those of you who think there shouldn't be preseason rankings. The biggest reason why we need rankings is so that casual (i.e., non-fanatical) fans know which games are the big games early in the season. Would that type of fan normally watch the Boise State - Virginia Tech game on Sept. 6 unless both teams were highly ranked? Probably not, so it helps further the sport. 

Does LSU really belong in the Top 25? What about Arkansas? The last five is always a total mess, so help me out.