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2010 - Nebraska's Final Big 12 Season: The T-Shirt Contest

We tried this before, but it was right after the "Nebraska Joins the Big Ten" announcement, and we (I?) seem to be more concerned about sticking it to Texas than we did thinking about it actually being our final year in the Big 12.

I've also had several requests from Big Ten fans, asking for a t-shirt they can get can wear to support Nebraska in our last Big 12 season.

I'd prefer the t-shirt ideas were slanted toward staying classy rather than taking shots. Put it this way - Nebraska has being playing some of our old Big Eight (Missouri Valley) counterparts since your great grandfather was around. That deserves something more than being snarky.

So.... gear up your creativity and come up with some t-shirts. We cannot (the t-shirt guys won't do it anyway, so don't bother) put anything that's copyrighted on a t-shirt, so logos are straight out, things like "Red Out" don't work as a slogan. You get the idea.

To add incentive, I'm going to give away some free copies of Cornhusker Kickoff 2010, our Nebraska football yearbook (even though I'm pretty sure you all bought a copy already, right??? Right????)

If you happen to be a Big Ten fan and make a good suggestion, be sure to note your school affiliation, and maybe we'll come up with something else that's more fitting than a Nebraska football yearbook (unless that works for you - hey, you guys gotta learn more about us as well!).

Please make your posts over the weekend - we'll try to run this until early next week, and if we get enough, we'll have a poll to see which are the winners (one for each category, for Husker fans and for Big Ten fans rooting for Nebraska this season).