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Corn Flakes: Practices Going Well

Well just got internet back again, so here are some links to tide you all over-

NU website brings a Big Red world closer -

What fans will find at is a social networking paradise, complete with links to Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. They'll find a world map, where they can plot their location. They'll be able to sign up for daily prizes, including autographed memorabilia and — the grand prize — two tickets to the Texas game with a two-night stay at the Holiday Inn Lincoln Downtown.

But do they have cats? I do like a chance to win free stuff, even if the website was chugging along when I went to it and it took me a while. -JL

Life in the Red's Blog | Pelini sees more consistency this fall

Last year you could predict how a game would go based on how practices went the week before, or more specifically how Pelini commented on practices. If he's liking these practices then maybe NU is headed for big things this fall? -JL

Rankings, and more after the break!

Rankings! Rankings and more rankings! 2010 CFN Preview - Unit Rankings, Def. Lines

4. Nebraska Losing Ndamukong Suh is hardly a plus, but the line has excellent end prospects to pick up the pass rushing slack and a future star in Blake Steinkuhler to man the middle. Jared Crick and Pierre Allen are destined for all-star status, and there will be a rush into the backfield from all four spots. This will be a hard working, high motor line that will occasionally stuff running games cold. Consider it a shock if this isn’t the best line in the North by a wide margin. 2010 CFN Preview - Unit Rankings, Defenses

4. Nebraska The defense went from soft in Bo Pelini’s first year to a killer in Year Two. The Pelini brothers, Bo and defensive coordinator, Carl, will have everyone flying around and being disruptive. While there’s no Ndamukong Suh to be the star of the show, and losing four of the top five tacklers is a problem for any defense, there’s no reason to expect much of a drop-off after finishing seventh in the nation and No. 1 overall in scoring D. Jared Crick and Pierre Allen are back to star up front, but they have to show the can handle life without Suh. The defensive back seven will be the story as it’ll often go into a five defensive back set called the Peso. The corners could end up being the best in the Big 12, and while there might not be a lot of star power at safety, there will be plenty of stats College Football - Preseason 120 Countdown: No. 5 Nebraska

and the last one-

Alabama No. 1 in 2010 preseason Top 25, but Boise State looms - Andy Staples -

#13- We know the Cornhuskers can play defense. How far they go this season will depend on an offense that looked pitiful at times in 2009. Nebraska's three-man quarterback derby continues this week as incumbent Zac Lee tries to fight off Cody Green and Taylor Martinez. Meanwhile, at I-back, Helu and sophomore Rex Burkhead are getting pushed by 6-foot-1, 235-pound sophomore Dontrayevous Robinson. All that competition should produce a more effective offense.

But wait there's more!

Life in the Red's Blog | Huskers start at No. 2

Volleyball that is.

Strategic trends for the next decade? Start with defense

A major factor in this is that the speed of change is faster now than it was even a decade ago — it’s not clear that you can have a "decade" devoted to any one scheme, considering that if a college team has a good season high schools around around the country have the offense installed by the spring.

Always be reading Smart Football for more in-depth analysis of X's and O's. Chris Brown comments on Mandel's and Staples' trend article - good lookin' stuff! - JJ

Niles Paul - Candidate for The Paul Hornung Award
Here's to hoping some of these potential awards pan out this year. Paul seems to have so much potential - it's his last year to impress the NFL scouts.... - JJ. 

Big Ten’s title game rights to hit market

$15 to $20 million? Yowza. You'd have to think that every network would be interested in this one. ABC/ESPN would like to have this one to replace the Big XII championship game, but CBS might want to package this one up as a doubleheader with the SEC championship. Fox's relationship with the Big Ten Network will keep them in the loop as well. And the ability to renegotiate the Big Ten's deal with ESPN/ABC might mean even more moolah for the Big Ten. -HM

Huskers 2011 QB owning different ball - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

At the top of that list, of course, was Bubba Starling, who was extremely impressive in his inning of work, with a fastball from 89-92 mph and a hammer curveball -- the best I've seen him throw -- at 73-76 mph with good depth and two-plane break; all three outs he recorded came via the strikeout. Starling is still just throwing rather than really pitching; he doesn't get his lower half involved, especially not his hips, and between the potential for improving the delivery and the substantial physical projection he offers, it's hard to forecast future velocity below the 92-95 range. Good for Bubba. Bad for Bo Pelini.

We had a saying whenever a hot girl would walk by and one of my friends would start to think about talking to her, and I think it fits here "Never Going to Happen". Maybe it's from a Seinfeld episode? Anyway yeah Bubba at NU? Never going to happen. wish him the best though. -JL