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Former Washington TE Middleton Walks on at Nebraska

Huskers Illustrated's Sean Callahan and Sports Nightly's Lane Grindle reported tonight that former Washington tight end Kavario Middleton will enroll at Nebraska this week.  Middleton will redshirt this season and would have two years of eligibility remaining. Middleton was dismissed by Washington coach Steve Sarkisian last month due to off-the-field issues, according to his high school coach. UWDawgPound's John Berkowitz reported at the time that it was a parting of the ways based on attitude.

Berkowitz reports this evening that Middleton has posted a similar message on his Facebook page.

Middleton is a former Parade all-American who was rated a five-star player by Scouts and four stars by Rivals. The comments from Dave Miller, his high school coach, make it clear that the stars may have gotten in his eye.

"Sark went through a lot with Kavario, as did I for four years, and gave him every opportunity to improve and make the right choices, and Kavario didn't do that, so now he's going to have to bear the consequences,'' Miller said. "I'm sick about it. It's sickening to me to imagine a young man having the talent and the ability and the potential that he has and wasting this kind of an opportunity just by making some real immature choices.

"I support Sark's decision. I think Sark gave him every opportunity to improve and grow and it got to the point where he had to make this choice for what is best for the team and what is hopefully best for Kavario in the long run. Hopefully now he will have the opportunity to take the right Y in the road and start growing and making better choices.''

He's a talented player, as you can see from this video, but it comes down to the mental side of the game. A second chance away from the spotlight of home, and knowing that this might be his last chance might be the wakeup call he needs.

This could set up quite the depth chart at tight end next season if Chase Harper qualifies and recommits in the spring. Callahan reports that Middleton will walk on this fall, and a scholarship could be available if he meets the guidelines being set up for him.