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SEC To Cancel Release of "Report That Redneck" iPhone App

CN has learned that the SEC conference may cancel releasing a new iPhone app that was developed to influence fan behavior. Developed by Mangy Dude Software and named Report That Redneck, the app would allow fans to snap photos of rude and unruly behavior with camera phones, then automatically send them to stadium security officials. 

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the SEC source told CN that the conference is tired of it's image and wants to clean it up "at least a little".  The source stated that there was a potential problem with the application that may doom its release. "Too much data" was the complaint, the chief worry that so many photos would be sent in by fans that the system would be overwhelmed, and even if the system was able to handle the load, university police and security staff would not. 

"There's always the ability to hire more security, but that's not the real problem" said the source. The problem is that it may cause people to stay away from SEC football games.  "Let's face it", said the source, "more often than not the number of horses asses at a typical SEC game outnumbers the number of horses and it may harm ticket sales if people think the SEC is out to spoil fan fun." 

However, Dave Mangy, President of Mangy Dude Software stated, "That's not the real issue. They're worried that the app would backfire, resulting in more bad behavior because it would become a badge of honor to be photographed and reported." 

"That's really the number one reason why it probably won't be released, at least in it's current form", stated Mangy. 

Mangy remained confident that the iPhone app would be used by another conference. 

"It'd be more useful in the midwest, such as the Big 12 and the Big 10 schools. Fans there are constantly worried about other people's behavior, more willing to report it and consequently, people are more embarrassed by it. We'd have to rename it, though. Obviously 'redneck' doesn't really fit the midwest. Something with 'Hick' might fit, but I haven't come up with a good name with that yet."

Mangy, a Georgia native, felt that it's best use might be as Report that Yankee in order to embarrass Northern carpet-baggers who have moved South to find jobs.

The SEC Conference did not return our attempts to comment on the application. The 2010 SEC football season begins September 2nd when South Carolina takes on Southern Mississippi.