Corn Nation Off Season Recipes- Smoked Brisket

Well the off season has been long but at least I got some great food cooked and was able to share it with you. This recipe is a week late but I have a good excuse! It’s Sturgis Rally week and I have had 7 people staying with us since late last week and it has been BUSY!!! We rode over 800 miles in 4 days! I saved the 14lb. Brisket for the last recipe of the off season so I could spoil my guests. Bring on Football, and , sorry to say,the last recipe for the off season!

I started with a 14lb Brisket with a good layer of fat on it. Since it was my first Brisket, I didn’t trim any fat off of it, just to be safe and not let it dry out during the long smoke. I started with a good layer of yellow mustard coating the entire Brisket. The mustard will help the rub to stick to the meat and will NOT affect the flavor at all! I made my own rub and thoroughly coated the Brisket, rubbing it in every little crack and crevice. I also cut a criss cross pattern in the fat, not the meat, to allow the rub to seep into the Brisket as much as possible. As always, I smoked mine with Mesquite.

I place the brisket in an aluminum pan fat side up and bring the temp in the smoker to 220 degrees. Smoke for 2 hrs then flip to fat side down for another 2 hrs. then flip the Brisket to fat side up again. After you return the Brisket to fat side up, cover the entire Brisket with aluminum foil and continue smoking. I made a mop sauce consisting of 1 bottle of Famous Dave’s Texas Pit BBQ and a 12oz. can of beer, use whatever beer you like. I covered the Brisket with this sauce every hour for the rest of the smoke time after the first 4 hrs. I smoked mine for 12hrs. @220 degrees, with an internal temp of 195 degrees when finished. After removing, cover with foil and let rest for 30 min.,then cut against the grain and serve.

It takes a long time to smoke a Brisket because it’s a very tough cut of meat, but the end result, with mine, was absolutely perfect and everyone loved it! I couldn’t even have any leftovers because all my guests from AZ and MN took them home with them!! Good friends are hard to find!

The preseason has begun and I’ll look forward to chatting with everyone online when NCAA football starts in a few short weeks!! Thanks for all the comments in the past and keep them coming. GBR!!!


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