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Husker Basketball in Nassau. First look at potential 2010-11 lineup.

We get our first look at the 2010-11 Husker basketball team next week, as they  journey to the Bahamas for some relaxation and a few exhibition games. The team leaves today, and will see action against four BBF teams. (Bahamas Basketball Federation) Nothing in stone in terms of start times, but that's to be expected on a trip like this. The players get a break from summer practices, and a chance to bond with the team. Fans will have to do without real heavy media coverage, which I'm sure is a blessing for anyone spending time on an island. Who wants cameras in their face in a place like that? (No television or radio broadcasts from NU athletics are planned.)

Sign me up. Ironic that anyone would be leaving the midwest for cooler temps off the Florida coast?

The upcoming games will get the ball rolling on what should be an interesting pre-season for Nebraska men's hoops. Several questions still needing to be answered for Sadler's team coming off a pretty dismal 2009-10 campaign. Three outgoing transfers (a good thing), three incoming (a better thing), and a few players returning from injuries could change the complexion of this team quite dramatically in a short period of time. Unfortunately, it sounds like two of our incoming transfers, Andre Almeida and Kamryn Brown, will not travel with the team to Nassau. This sucks, I was looking forward to seeing what Almeida can do.

We'll do a preview later this month of the team, and recap any news that comes out of these exhibition games.

Ok...back to football.